Tiger-Cats chat posters ROCK!

I was just at the CFL main forum and I have to say that we TI-Cat fans can be proud, we have posted over 300,000 more posts then the next closest team forum, the Als (40,000). It is just too bad that 90% of the posts are about how bad we are..but hey it shows we care so much that we are frustrated.

HURRAH fellow posters :rockin:

HURRAH INDEED!!!!!! Just imagine how many posts we would have ....if the team actually did something really silly and actually started (gulp!)winning a few games for a change!!! :lol:

Not to burst your/our bubble ... but the fan forum via the CFL site for Saskatchewan fans is not the preferred destination for the Melonheads ...

It's this ... http://www.riderfans.com/forum/

Over 1.7M posts on their main discussion forum ...

Actually the board gets really quiet around here when the Cats win a game. Nobody has anything to complain about. 8)