Tiger-Cats Chat Archives

I remember reading that the Tiger-Cats Chat archives from the old website would be made available on this new website on a "read only" basis. Has this been done? If so, how does one access the archives on this website?

Ron said (in the sticky above)

Visit the archive site that I will leave up for 1 month: http://archive.ticats.ca - it's read-only so you can't post.
This means that it's up only until July 1. i wish it was longer, myself.

Thanks, Mark.

It would be great if they could integrate the old archives into a choice in the “Fanzone” menu. The archives contain the “people’s history” of the Bob Young era of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and are usually an interesting read.

i think they still might do that but im not sure.

This is an excellent point.

Yes, it is. Sometimes I like to look through posts archived that document what we had to say while we could post to those forums. From the time that Bob's purchase was not yet official to the the last few weeks, it sure is interesting to see our documentation of what happened during those times.

But it might be up for longer than a month, fortunately. If you click here then you'll see that at may be at least a month.