Tiger-Cats/Bombers Post-Game Thread

Please use this thread to discuss the October 12 Tiger-Cats/Blue Bombers game.

Has anyone who came home from the game after the first half going to contribute here during the 4th quarter of this game?

I'm listening to the 5th Quarter right now...

I'll bet it'll be blistering...Or maybe not...

I wonder how many people will be snowed by the points we got in garbage time???

Well, I'm not sure where to start when talking about what went wrong.

There were dropped passes, poor coverage (of Bowman in particular) and it seemed we were badly outcoached. Maybe that's where we could start. Was it not said that at least six passes were dropped? And those fumbles early in the game didn't help. Can anyone tell this team when the games actually start. I mean, I point it out in the game threads that I start, that's one place they can refer to. :slight_smile:

As I said during the game, how many players on this team can be pleased with how this went? The most important game of the season so far, and this is what we get?

That was an embaresment of a first half that i’ve seen in a while.
Can anyone actually still say that Porter should be the starter after that mess?
If you still think so then you are throwing in the towel for the remainder of the season.
To many early mistakes and it happens all to often.

After searching, and searching, and searching, and searching for something positive to say about tonight's performance, here goes:

Thy scored enough points in "garbage time" (Thanks for that one Epperly) to finish second .... IF .... they manage to stay even with WPG over the next three weeks ..... AND ..... the final game in the Peg ends in an overtime TIE.

(The tie-breaker would be total points scored in the 3 games between the two teams this season and the Cats would win by 2)

The DEFENSE let us down EARLY, and Porter was his USUAL slow starting, fumbling, bumbling, inexperienced looking rookie QB.

Dropped passes did not help, and the COACHES did NOT have this team PREPARED to play for the biggest game of the year…

Crowd was DISAPPOINTING, and the game was even a BIGGER one. Trying times in TIGERTOWN.

Atleast there should be NO ARGUMENTS regarding POSTPONING the “Porter Project.”


Porter was bad...The receiver's were equally bad for dropping too many catchable passes...The defensive line does not get enough pressure on any quarterback,which....Really puts pressure on the secondary,most of whom did'nt play very well today.

An all around pi$$ poor effort today....


It all started when Arland Bruce killed our first drive.

Porter and Glenn played equally bad. Sorry but Wpg was playing prevent defense when we started to put points up on the board.

The receivers did not get open the entire nite.

The drops were driving me insane.

Defense has zero pressure.

Bo Smith needs to be cut.

So much for the short leash on Porter, instead of putting Glen in on the first sign of trouble after another Porter Fumble![s]!!! Everybody in the building seen the guy coming except Porter on the second fumble, why didn't Porter see him? Because he was hesitating trying to decide were he should throw the ball. Mean while our coach holds out until we are down 14-0 and almost a full quarter before he puts in a real CFL quarterback, Glen. I guess that is better than 21-0 like in the Montreal game. However when you consider that Glenn came in and managed to settle the team down and pull us within 10, I can only wonder how the game would have turned out if Glenn got the start.
Lets be serious, Porter has probably thrown more interceptions and dropped more balls, [snaps & fumbles] than any other quarter back in the league. He has even thrown more interceptions than touchdowns! Who in their right mind thinks this guy should be the starting quarterback. He needs to be benched. If he is the team player he says he is, there should be no problem accepting the roll of backup for the rest of the season after his pathetic performance the past 5 games.
He scrambles because he hesitates, he hesitates because he lacks CFL experience.
Lets get Glen in the game before we have already lost the game in the future. Like the first snap of every game for the rest of the season.
Doc 8)

Glenn had 47 minutes to do his magic.

First Porter fumble led to 0 points. Second fumbled he was completely blindsided. Who the hell is going to hold onto that ball?

We shot ourselve in the foot. We were moving the ball on the first series, then AB3 drops a ball, kills the drive. Bo Smith then gets beat twice deep and we never recover.

It doesnt' matter who started tonite, we played bad as a team. Drops, not getting open, no pressure, poor coverage, all contributed.

Yes, It did matter who started. Porter's lack of ability to move the ball again and his TWO fumbles spotted the other team 14 points. I think this team has lost confidence in Porter. Yes there were other problems, but Porter's slow starts have killed this team all year. I blame MB for not recognizing what is so obvious to so many others. He has taken us out of a playoff berth. Ticats will not win another game all year. We had our chances to wrap up second place but our coach's stubborness cost us a playoff spot and a home game at that.

Some well deserved blistering commentary on the 5th Quarter....

Disagree. It seemed as if Porter's ineptitude set the tone for the Cats. Right from the very first play when he missed the open receiver that got behind his defender.

His hesitation and indecisivness is becoming excruciating to watch, and only seems to be getting worse.

But he did keep that drive going until Bruce didn't catch the ball.

You can blame QP for 7 points. But not the other 31. He got pulled early enough that we could still run our regular offense. You know, establish the run, keep drives going, oh wait, we did none of that.

double post, sorry

I had that in mind also. I did rejoice on the last few TD's by the Cats. We still have one game left with that team we played today. But, thanks for keeping tabs up till now.

Captain, I second that.

Anyway it's done now. Every occasion that Glenn has had he's come in and outplayed Porter with less reps and time to prepare in practice. Bellefeuill has to do what is right now and turn the team over to Glenn and I'm a guy who disagreed with signing him but fair is fair...