Tiger-Cats/Blew Team Play-By-Play Thread

It's the Labour Day rematch. The blew team is without Ricky, and are starting Lefevour. Hope the "corect" team wins... lol

Go get em Boys

Eat em Raw!

There's Ricky Ray, looking relaxed, laughing, no doubt thinking "Ha, ha, somebody else gets to have their ribs bashed in today."


That was a couple of high thrown balls from Zach?

Somethings buggin him

Other than the pass rush in his face?

That almost looked like Zach with the blues front 4 or so getting them off the field after only one FD. Time for our D to put a stop to Dan and friends.

Yes other than that. This is Zach hes not scared of a little pressure

Come on defence. Play like its second half

If we let Dan march the field. I may vomit

Edit. Ugggh can he be any more open

LeFevour’s getting the ball out within 2 seconds of receiving the snap. Can’t get pressure on a QB that way.

poop Who got burned there?

Ho hum

another slow start

This will burn us soon!

He was wincing after that first toss and slightly late hit (not saying it should have been called - it was just after he released the ball. Pass to Chad was then off so I wonder if he was just feeling the aftereffects of the hit. A breather on the sidelines should help.

However LeFevour is showing up our D :frowning: :x

Sitting in stadium. Half empty. Sad.

And there isbthe Steve tasker reference lol

Watching on a bad stream. It just looks like a bunch of people wearing red shirts lol

UGH!! 3 and out the first drive and now 2 and out! :x Let's see if the D can step up and get the blues off the field this time - or even better - pick them off!

These receivers are really getting the ball for Lefevour

Yeah penalty

I can watch the Tracey hit all day