Tiger-Cats Billboard

What ever happened to the million dollar billboard that was supposed to go up along the QEW?

I think it was denied by the Ontario Ministry of Transport for being too close to the Highway (400meters) and
it could confuse migratory birds. :roll:

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news-story/4860879-province-says-no-to-giant-ticat-sign-councillors-may-still-say-yes/]http://www.thespec.com/news-story/48608 ... l-say-yes/[/url]

And that's the last of any word on it? 2 years ago?

Neither reason from the Province seems like a strong argument. Just look at the QEW /401/ Gardner in Toronto. Signs everywhere... Giant sings much closer than 400 meters. As for the birds, I thought birds used magnetic fields and geographic waypoints the size of... I dunno, a harbour, or an escarpment. not street signs and billboards.

too bad. it's a missed opportunity for the city, and the team.

If it had have been someone in Toronto asking , say on the Gardiner, like the double sided side at BMO , it would not have been a problem . :roll:

I don't know. Are there any comparable signs along the 401/QEW? I know there's tons along the Gardiner, but I believe it's a municipal highway, and out of the provinces control. Maybe the Ticats should look at putting this somewhere along the Linc?

Similar to why we can't put reflective "flake" in the paint for road lines anymore. Storm water can pick up the particulate and get into the ground/water shed.

Road safety suffers for the sake of a few dead worms.

Similar to why we are overrun by dandelions this time of year, no more pesticide use.

Ah, Liberals

Yea you would't want them Canada Geese and other birds that have to fly over them 100 foot high hydro towers on the beach strip to try to avoid a billboard that is just off the QEW at the Burlington Street exit.
There is a large electronic billboard facing the 417 hwy in Ottawa at the CTC exit, there is another one on the Gardiner next to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, both advertising events at the arenas.

I sure was looking forward to seeing that new sign go up. I wonder if Caretaker Bob could explain where we stand with that fantastic sign. I thought it was still in the works. :thup:

Interesting. I'm not sure how this sign would be much different that the thousands of signs put up by the Ontario government that advertise Tim's, gas, hotels, Wendy's Harvey's, etc. directly at eye level and immediately beside the traveled portion of the highway.

And, what is the Hamilton Conservation Authority's position on the thousands of bird chopping wind mills that the Ontario government is putting all over the more rural parts of the province; you know, right where the most birds and bats live?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tSW-DDIdnY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtgBWNKwBkE

City Hall is involved so it will never happen we miss so many things cause of all the haggling , Next they are gonna cost us LRT :frowning:

I certainly hope so!

Its the best thing to happen here since THF, if you dont see that , you care very little about Hamiltons Future

:thup: :thup:

Hamilton is better off with a Bus Transit Way (BRT) like Ottawa, it goes all over the city. An LRT will just run on one line with the benefit to only the people on that line. Great decision by the city council to not approve it yet.

But lets not get off track .......................... :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: the electronic billboard is a great idea

So do I! :thdn:

Me three!

LRT (especially where they want it) will be a disaster for this city.

Thanks for all that political wisdom. It reminds me of the climate change "debate". Why listen to the scientists and the experts in the field, when the opinions of the great unwashed are so easily available? :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Careful what you take for wisdom Pat Lynch. The experts also told us radiation could be washed off with a garden hose and New York would be under water by 2015.

But Ottawa is building a LRT . Ottawa's LRT will be a game changer for locals . Not sure what is going in Hamilton but Ottawa is happy with the underground downtown route and will be near the new Hockey rink and run right down to the market . Looking forward to it .

Why would it be a game changer? What is the game that will change? Ottawa is not getting rid of their BRT, it's still there. They also have the "O" train that runs north/south on the old rail line.
The problem in Ottawa was that the bus transitway stopped before it hit downtown and the buses would be backed up as they approached the downtown. The only choice was a tunnel under the downtown. They could have just put the buses in the tunnel not an LRT but they voted for it. In fact the commute times in Ottawa will actually increase with an LRT, previously the express buses would go around the various neighorhoods then get on the transitway and speed downtown. With the LRT commuters will have to transfer at a couple of LRT transfer stations, there will be huge crowds and chaos at rush hour, no direct downtown buses anymore.
The "game changer" in Ottawa will be a slower commute.

Hamilton has no reason to build an LRT, no buses lined up heading to the downtown. In the Ottawa region all traffic is heading for the city, on the highways around Hamilton most traffic is headed towards the GTA.
The only reason Hamilton is getting an LRT is the provincial government throwing money around and city politicians believing that it will somehow bring in business. Hamilton needs some bus only lanes or a BRT no need at all for an LRT, there is no demand.

Getting back to the "Tiger Cats Billboard" great idea

The bus system you aspire to is nonsense . Have you used OC transpo bus routes in your lifetime ? They are CRAP .

LRT's work everywhere in the world just fine . I can't comment on Hamilton but your analysis of Ottawa is WRONG . I would gladly get on a LRT then any extended bus and sit at a bus stop to transfer .

Money well spent in OTTAWA . You probably were against Lansdowne development too .