Tiger-Cats: Best uniforms in the CFL? Rank them.

Rank the uniforms of the 8 teams in the CFL.

  1. Hamilton
  2. Edmonton
  3. Montreal
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Winnipeg
  6. Toronto
  7. Calgary
8) BC
  • I think the black and gold of the Tiger-Cats uniform makes them look tough. A Joe Montford sack just looked so much meaner when he was wearing black.

  • Everything about the Lions uniform is bad. The colours, the logo and the style. Just plain ugly.

  • Calgary has a great logo. But the red, black and white just don't do it for me. Their old uniforms in the days of Doug Flutie look much better.

  • Toronto is much improved with the simple "A" logo on the helmets. That Argo ship and the Argo with the shield just look bad!

i think the ti-cats home jersey is the worst of the home jerseys...i hate the yellow V-neck ...altho i rank thier white road jersey among the top.

Let's talk criteria first. For me, it's important to have bold and distinctive colours, a sense of tradition, and then the final uniform has to work as a package. On these grounds, the Ticats have a great uniform, and by gum so do BC and Montreal. The BC orange is a very bold and distinctive team colour for Canada, while Montreal's solid blocks of primary colours also stand out (if "tradition" can be dated to the 1970s, since their colours before that were green and white, weren't they?) Saskatchewan, with the silver threads, also works for me. After that, the rest seem non-descrept in palette and design. So, my rankings ...

  1. Ticats (but hey - lose the yellow piping)
  2. Lions (here, the piping works)
  3. Als
  4. Riders
  5. Eskies, Bombers -- okay updates of classic styles for both teams
  6. Stamps, Argos -- really, the worst of the current uniforms; meaningless stripes and blocks of colour which seem dictated by the shirt pattern rather than any sense of tradition or style. Po-mo? Puh-leese!
  7. Any team with a black third jersey; if black isn't your first or second colour, why bother? These jerseys almost never work ... hello, BC, Calgary, Sask and Montreal: use what you got!

I like the Cats with the gold helmets and stripes down the sleeves, so I guess that disqualifies me as a judge! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

  1. Hamilton
  2. Edmonton
  3. BC
  4. Winnipeg
  5. Saskatchewan
  6. Calgary
  7. Toronto
  8. Montreal

I personally think the Montreal uniforms are very very ugly. The red white and blue reminds me too much of the US.

1/ Hamilton ... Black Jersey (like yellow as well)
2/ Saskatchewan ... Black Jersey
3/ Toronto ... Blue Jersey
4/ Calgary ... Red Jersey
5/ Winnipeg ... Gold Jersey
6/ British Columbia ... Orange Jersey
7/ Edmonton ... Green Jersey
8/ Montreal ... I like the cheerleaders, and that's about it.

I really like the white BC helmet with the paw print.

i think that Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, and Hamilton are defiantly at the top. After that, its a toss up, with edmonton and Montreal being at the bottom

I wish they would bring back the jerseys from a few years ago,the new home ones look like pyjama tops.lose the yellow piping on the sides,and collars,also please lose the all black uniform look in the summer games,no wonder we were getting pounded in games the players were dying on the field from the heat.

Montreal's is by far the worst, none of the colours even match. It's like they got Tommy Chong with a head full of magic mushrooms to design their uniforms. Also B.C's are pretty bad..

Also the one thing i do not miss about Ottawa is their uniforms.

  1. Hamilton - even the Gold Jerseys were a nice addition. I love the White Helmets too. But game in game out stick with the Black.

  2. Edmonton - Love the tradition of their uni's

  3. Winnepeg - Navy jersey with Gold pants look great. Nice compliment to the helmet.

  4. Sask. - Even like the black jersey's.

  5. Toronto - If you wear the dark jersey wear the white pants! Too much blue makes me puke. That might be cuz I'ma Cats fan though.

  6. BC - I like the white helmet but could do more with jersey and pant combo. Maybe change up the numbers too.

  7. Calgary - Great potential but the numbers are aweful!

  8. Montreal - everything about their uni's scream 80's from the city name across the top of the jersey. We know you're from Montreal you don't need to advertise. And those red pants gotta go. The black jersey's you can't even read the number.

Montreal (with the silver numbers)
BC (white helmet, ornage jersey)

Toronto's colours have the best history, Oxford and Cambrige Blue.

I like Hamilton's uniforms, but they're not as good as they could be.

  1. White pants were bad. Glad they seem to be taking those out, from what I've heard. Gold pants are probably the best option, though the black can be used from time to time with any of the three jerseys.

  2. The biggest disappointment about the home jersey, in my home opinion, is the white numbering. It's boring. When we had gold numbers on the black before, it looked quite awesome.

3)The current jerseys would be better if they...had a different logo. You know, an older logo, that looked more intimidating...

There are other little things, but these are my main points of contention.

i must say, i disagree with points 2 & 3, rob35

This thread is hilarious -- there is almost no consensus, even on the look of the current Ticat jersey.

Since CaptainKirk and I are the only posters to go for BC and Montreal, I have a question: why the hate for orange? Is it really the colour, or the team? Do folks hate the Flyers for the same reason?

And Montreal looking "80s"? What does that make the New York Rangers? 30s, or classic?

I like the Cats uniform..because to me Black and Gold looks fast, fierce, and cool (not a fan of away jerseys..white isnt mean enough)

I like the Sask uniforms both Home and Away The Green goes well with the black or white.

I dont like Montreals colours or emblem for that matter..The argos..meh baby blue is too much like a 13 year girl..

I like BC's and Calgary's and really like Ottawa's as well..maybe I dont like the Als or the Argos cause I hate the teams..I am like a bull when I see an argos jersey or an Als jersey its like showing me red !! I get angry..haha

My hate for the Lions uniform has nothing to do with my hate for their team. I am indifferent to their team. I just RRRREALLY dislike their uniform. There isn't one thing that I like about it.

If the Ti-Cats ho exclusivley with yellow pants, the i think they should go with yellow numbers on the jersey.

Think that would pi$$ off a lot of people who bought jerseys with white numbers?

Also, Saskatchewan and Calgary have way too much black in their unis.

So, my take on this topic:

Having seen the various incarnations of the Montreal Concordes jerseys in the 1980s, the Alouette uniforms of today are fine by me. :slight_smile:)

The home jersey evokes the glory days of Als football in the seventies in terms of layout -- only the helmet and pants are different. The road jersey is Buffalo Bills road-garb lite, but it still passes my eyeball test.

Toronto jerseys could be blue polka dotted as long as they are still flammable. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I am joking of course, but having a firestarter for a tailgate is always handy. :wink:

Seriously, unitards have never done it for me, so that works against them home and away. The "A" logo is way better than Jason in the boat sans goalie mask. LOL


Glad we are going back to gold pants from all reports. The Tony the Tiger helmet logo does work better on black helmets than the retro one ever did. but until THEY'RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT, I won't be satisfied!

I would prefer a Reeboked tribute to the 1960s heyday: gold helmets, stripes on the sleeves, the works. Oh well.


St. Louis Rams-lite. I actually like their third uniform with the gold jersey and gold helmet. I prefer the old "W" logo on the helmet to the bolting football, but I digress.


Green and white yes, green and black no. The black unitard with green numbering looks like what I would come up with in a weak Madden 2004 editing moment being bleary-eyed from a vodka binge. The logo was better when the Riders advertised for Safeway! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

When they go green and white, they look sharp.


Red is my favourite colour, so the Stamps have always looked good to me. The black and red third jersey thing is not as appealing.


The green shoud be darker (I liked the green of the late-70s/early 80s dynsaty years. The gold third jersey is a nice idea, but the gold itself is horrid.

The logo is classic and is instanty identifiable.


The black pawprint on the white helmet should be their full-time look, IMHO. The orange-helmet/black pawprint is a distant second.

The orange and white scheme is traditional and looks great, IMHO. The black jersey approach was overkill as it is in most leagues...

The main logo is a longstanding one and works well.


The Reebok unis are basically okay, but I would have liked to see more diversity between teams. The cross-chest piping for most of the uniforms is a little too standardized.

I would have loved to see more distinctive aspects given to certain jerseys, e.g. more stripes on the Ticat jersey sleeves. As cookie-cutter experiments go, the Reebok uniform one is satisfactory but could have used that distinctiveness aspect from team to team.

My picks:

  1. Hamilton (biased)
  2. Calgary
  3. Montreal
  4. B.C.
  5. Winnipeg
  6. Sskatchewan
  7. Edmonton
  8. Guess who -- at least I'm consistent! LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,