Tiger-Cats at WPB 2022 PBP Thread

Well that was better - at least got 3 out of that drive which looked like it was going nowhere at first. Too bad Dunbar couldn't haul in that TD pass though.

Yet, BLM whines like a toddler with an owchie, and Simoni ends up getting fined.

Run D is still on it's toes. Now ir we can just defend those long bombs better - like pick them off or at least knock them down, that would help.

Wynn back in the line up... loving the pressure

Timmeh with a FD

I hope Chris is ok

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Agree - they got to Zach two plays in a row to get them off the field and now White is getting into the game although I'm not sure that was a catch but it seems to be standing, NOT good to see Vanzeyl down. I hope he's okay and can return.

this goes to show that we need Depth on O.Line if CVZ is out thats 3 injured to our O.Line ... cant wait until the others return

Might be time to start dressing more than one OL backup. If we even have the players on our roster.

Actually, that's five. We have three on the six-game, one on the one-game (possibly sick rather than injured), and now CVZ.

Doma nated that kick.


We’re actually down Fontana, Woodmansey, Saxelid, and now Revenberg and possibly Van Zeyl for this game. 5 Canadians. Considering that I’d say they’re holding up ok. Good thing this Tyrone Riley seems to be holding up.


tie game good to see. Even though the O-line has struggled this year Evans doesn't look sharp either

Good pressure

Howsare having a good game this time and Ciante just had a great play forcing the punt.

Hold em off until second half then have a first half performance in The second half...

Gotta dial that deep ball in a little.

They need to be connecting when Dane has time to toss those deep balls.

Good to see CVZ back in there.

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Special teams continues to be good this year

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