Tiger-Cats at WPB 2022 PBP Thread

Maybe this?

d) If, in the Referee’s opinion, a defensive player attempting to block the kick makes slight and incidental contact which does not affect the play, there shall be no penalty.

Possible. Thought I saw something but he might have just been close without contacting the punter.
Kept them to a FG after that bomb to Ellingson so that's helpful but not this first play of the drive leaving them in 2nd and 12

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No O-line, no time for Dane in the pocket.

Santos Knox is even slower than last year

What happened to Revenberg - just heard before the game that he was out so checked the injury report but there was no mention of him there. Problem during warmups earlier maybe?

We are starting the game with our fourth quarter defence.

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I'll be nice and just say we look not so good already

The only thing I have seen is a passing reference to an illness. Heavens forbid the team would tell us why an all-star Guard isn't playing...

Finally got to Zach - WTHG Howsare! Not able to convert that 2 and 21 but they're still close enough for a FG - again.

It’s a secrete

Depending on the "illness" there could be any number of secretions...

Well that's something that could come up suddenly and keep him off the roster for the game. Not great to have a constantly changing OL though but not much can be done if someone is sick.

Suspect call on that..

Game of inches. Caught a break with that near pick.

Surprise surprise - concverted on a 2nd and 25!! And JUST missed hauling that in for a TD .

And then not...

Now we're stuck with Okafor in his spot.

FG attempt (I hope).

Barely good.

Nice reminder on the broadcast of that time in the Grey Cup when Jeffcoat intentionally injured our QB by twisting his neck when he was already on the way down. Good times!


I was almost tempted to say throw it to Dunbar on the same play a second time.

Got points... Considering earlier in the drive I'll take it and NOT going for it on second and two haha