Tiger-Cats at WPB 2022 PBP Thread

Another re-vamped O-line, with Revenberg out and Okafor taking his place. Against THAT D-line.
Addison is a game-day decision .

Ball control and security is the most important thing the team needs to do in order to have ANY chance of a win.
Coaching decisions will be under scrutiny after last week's mind-vomit. You would have thought Orlondo would have learned from June Jones' brain-cramps with clock management, scoring decisions, and complete lack of in-game adjustments.

Hoping for a win, but...

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2 hrs. before kickoff, weather radar appears to show the worst of the weather out there passing by, eastward to the south, and northward to the west, of the city. But, while the game may be spared the thunder and lightning, it's not likely to escape the considerable rain.

Let's go Cats!

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We can beat anyone if we give Evans time to throw, and don’t turn the ball over.

I’d like to see us start blitzing more on D. Put Zach on his back.


Its going to be a tough game...and if we lose we'll be last place in the league....hoping the cats will surprise us and win. Cats 30 - Peggers 27

The Cats will have to do it without Revenberg .

Did TSN just say that kickoff is delayed by 45 minutes?

Blue Bombers twitter: "Kickoff now at 8:00." (half hour weather delay)

First time I've seen the PRE-GAME SHOW is delayed due to weather. Must be lightning inhte area.

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I believe they are doing pre-game from IG Field which is why its delayed

8pm their time 9pm our time

If it's terrible weather we're gonna need to rely on good OL play and a good running game... Lol

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IF Dane Evans comes out of this game Alive, it will be a win for us.

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Cats in their home unis -- black on gold. Bombers in their white away jerseys.
That's quite unusual.

we could be in trouble

Crap. We're stuck with Suitor.

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I heard that they wanted to wear their White jerseys which they've worn for both of their GC wins against the Ticats. Here's hoping they aren't lucky for them tonight.
I also did see that the game was going to be delayed for up to 45 minutes due to lightening in the area.
I'd like to think that the Ticats can do something like the larks did last night in their win over the Riders (couldn't watch the game from our hotel but did read the recap) but I'm not going to hold my breath. Peggers didn't look all that impressive against the OTTRBs but they do find ways to win - just like Calgary!

Addison sighting - I guess we don't have to play a man short.


Thought I saw contact with the punter but no flag. Maybe he just missed him but it was close.

Now to see if our D can force Zach and his buddies off the field in a hurry.

Ellingson should NEVER be allowed to get that open! UGH!

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