Tiger-Cats at TWOCOLOURS Play-By-play Thread

It's about 3 hours to kickoff, with absolutely horrible weather in Ottawa.
There is a rainfall warning, and it hasn't let up all day. I certainly don't expect a lot of passing yards this game.
If Watford stays withing himself and within the RPO play-book, the Defence plays as well as they did last week, and STs playing at their usual high standards, then I forsee a win.

Weather Network predicts ongoing light rain, 19-degree temperature and light easterly winds from 7pm-9pm. Given the constant rain, the choice of footwear could be a factor.

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So, advantage Ottawa.
Their players, being at home, will have more footwear choices available.

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I think Ottawa’s going to win this one…


I would think the equipment crew would pack multiple footwear choices.

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Nice optimism.

What, do you find my lack of faith disturbing?


You're putting your faith thwhere?? :rofl:

Oh, so you’re telling us that you are a lapsed Christian? :grinning:

Somebody bring a heavy duty stapler in case it turns cold.


For a second there, I thought you were referring to Steve Stapler! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Yellow pants.

Book the W.


LaPolice looks like he’s about to have a coronary every time this Ottawa team drops another deuce on the gridiron. Expect their very best effort tonight: this is a must win game for them, and any RedBlack who mails it in will have to face the fury of a very frustrated HC.

But I still think we steamroll them.

Ticats need to make a statement tonight. Which team shows up? 0-2 or the one that has won 3of4.

Seems in vogue today, in the media, especially TSN, to predict an upset that’s overdue for the 2colours. Not so fast guys….

I'm not sure about steamrolling them but they are the more talented team and SHOULD win. However Otterbees are coming off a bye while the Ticats are travelling on a short week and we saw what the defense looked like last time playing on a short week. Of course the Otterbees are NOT the boatmen! Not even close . I think this game might be closer than we'd like it to be. Given the conditions, turnovers I think will be the key to winning - creating, recovering, not giving them up.

Neither. It's the team that won last week.

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Did you see the TiCat do a slip and slide?

Looks like a slippery field, Richards just landed on his butt running on to the field.

I think they should've started Masoli.

Watford played good enough but I'd give Masoli a chance here.