Tiger-Cats at RedBlacks Game Thread, Fri.Oct. 31, 7:30 pm et

Hamilton at Ottawa
Friday,Oct. 31
7:30 pm et

A Monster Chiller Horror Theatre special. The Cats need to win out to ensure a playoff spot, while Ottawa is playing out the string. It would be a trap game special if the sample of "Good Hank" Burris efforts for this year wasn't so miniscule.

Tabbies should prevail.

Oski Wee Wee,


Emanuel Davis & Jake Olson are the TiCats Game-Day scratches.

Just turned on TSN and there is Rod Black doing figure skating. So that means he won't be doing the Ti-Cat game game tonight. WooHoo!!!

How will you survive - NO Rod Black ALL weekend!1 :wink: :slight_smile:

"If Henry Burris ever wanted to stick it to his old team"??? (TSN panel host whose name for some dumb reason escapes me just now :oops: ) OF COURSE Hank wants to stick it to his old team!!! DUH! :roll:

Ticats need to be fired up to keep him at bay and get a dominant win.


We are 1-7 on the road this year, Lets make it 2-7 tonight! :thup:

I can guarantee you, if YOW was battling for a playoff spot and Hamilton was out, it would still be "If Henry Burris ever wanted to stick it to his old team"??? " from the TSN Windbags lol

Bad Hank out of the gates early :thup:

Well good start defense two plays by Rico Murray and Hank is off the field.

Of course Banks doesn't field the punt well and now Zach & co, are pinned rather deep in their own end - sigh

Did anyone here know that Luke Tasker is Steve Taskers son, a Former Buffalo Bill in the NFL?

Thanks for the pic Grover, I love photos of yesteryear.

Brandon Banks really has to stop running backwards on kick returns.
It worked one game but he's going to the well too often.

Well timed defensive play by Matt Carter on the pass to Rico Murray.

Banks? Uh, what was that?

YOW knows to Blitz the **** out of us :roll:

It's Halloween - isn't that supposed to be the night for "bad guys"? :smiley: Hope that Bad Hank stays in the game.

I guess Austin does not plan to run the ball tonight again.

Smarten up D you got stung for 31 yards on play action!!!

Right, or run a screen to counter the blitz...

Prime missed badly on the block and Grigsby tripped up again on second down trying to pick up a blitzer. Awful start

Yup. Not sure when Collaros is going to learn to dump the ball in a case like that. Not sure what Primé was doing on that play.

Hello, defence. Wakey, wakey!

Hanks O line is doing a great job it's going to be a long night