Tiger-Cats at Elks Play-By-Play Thread

For some reason, kickoff is at 9:45pm, with a potential conflict with the Calgary at Ottawa game. Thanks, CFL, for another kick to the nards. The only thing worse is if they allow Edmonton to dress 5 extra players...

This is a gam we gotta win. I want to see relentless pressure on whatever QB the Elks use, and absolutely NO 3-man rushes at the end of the game.

It will be interesting to see if Masoli keeps playing at the level he did against Ottawa. If he can keep up the consistency, then we might have a chance to do some damage in the playoffs. If he coughs up a furrball against a bottom-dweller, it might get pretty ugly on here post-game.


I moved this over...

  • Week 13 (49th Game of Season)
  • Friday, Oct 29, 2021 9:45PM (7:45PM Local)
  • Commonwealth Stadium (Capacity: 55,614)
  • Surface: Granulated Rubber-filled Artificial Turf
  • Broadcaster: TSN3
  • Weather: Dry but cold (1°C feels like -3°C)
  • Wind: 15 NW (Gusts 26 km/hr)
  • Last Elks win vs Cats at home: Aug 04, 2017 @ Edmonton
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Are we allowed our own game thread?

Seems the mods are in crack down mode.

See, this game would have been perfect for Rod Black because then at the very least, we would get some comic relief.

I like this match-up of a team with something to play for versus a team that has just about quit and now perhaps will just play angrily and spitefully much like a fat cat disturbed repeatedly from his slumber. It's about the only time he moves very much or fast you know.

Hopefully a good time will be had by all viewers tonight. It's all we have for a few more weeks until late June you know.

No conflict for me leaving in about an hour for my chilly seats behind the visitor bench. They better win, nothing worse than navigating a post game enemy crowd in my Ti-Cat jersey if the Elks win


Happy that you're going to see your favourite team in person.
I'm just talking about the TV broadcast.
Also, for those who care, neither game will be broadcast in 4K tonight - TSN has saved that for the BC/TOR game, in their infinite wisdom :roll_eyes:

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It appears that they prefer 4K-ing the Toronto games!


Pretty sure the 4K camera are on site in Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa and not sure where else.
I don't think they travel.

Also I think the 945 start is because they don't want an 8pm local start. They've done this a few times. It makes some sense.

Hoping for a couple of Masoli to Speedy long bombs tonight...


That sounds kind of naughty! :grinning:


[quote="Krisiun, post:10, topic:74363"]

That sounds kind of naughty! :grinning:

4K-ing right!


Why do I feel that the Cats have lost their MOJO? That anyone can beat them at any
given time. Not like the Bummers, who thing they have won the game before it
even starts.
I really hope that this changes this game or I don't think we can even beat the larks.

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The game hasn't even started, and one person's already panicking...


why don't you answer your own question.

"Why do you feel that the Cats have lost their MOJO?"

It's a fair question. But no one can answer it but you.

Maybe he equates the Ticats with Austin Powers?

Just looking for some insight . Maybe a pearl of wisdom. I guess not.

We can't answer why YOU think the Cats have lost their MOJO.

Pearl of Wisdom? Wrong place for that. Maybe msg Garney, he seems to be full of ... wisdom.

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I know the answer. You think they have lost their mojo because they are 5 and 5 and let some opponents come back late in the game. Also you were expecting more because they were much better in 2019.

Does that help?


Be careful all. Lots of gentle reminders floating around these days.


You pretty much nailed it. So should we keep our fingers crossed and hope the
teams snaps out of it.