Tiger-Cats at Blue Bombers Play-by-Play Thread.

This is the battle of the two best teams in the league.
I believe that our DBs will effectively shut down Streveller’s passing game, while I hope our front seven can limit RoidBoy’s running game.
Winnipeg has a pretty good defence, so Condell will have to mix things up with the game plan. The offence also has to play the entire game, and not take the second and third quarters off.
It will be a tight one, but I think that we will win.

We’ve shown we can be the best team in the league. Now we just need to play like it for 4 consecutive quarters.


has anybody scored yet?

Some coaches don’t allow that on game day. :wink: ;D

And yet some encourage it… Lol

Kind of personal, but Yes,I have

Anyone else find this site is slow loading? Just wondered.

Hoping to catch most of the game but family is arriving soon for my birthday so we’ll see. Will try to get back to chat a bit too. Seems we managed to score on their defense the last time we played. Yes most of those points were scored by Masoli before he went down - but still our D managed to hold them off. Streveler of course is a different kind of animal with his tendency to run which is what they will probably rely on most to move the ball. Certainly hoping that they can come home with the win on the road. Evans continues to improve but no doubt will be challenged. Guess we’ll find out later when they hit the field and kick off the ball.
Enjoy the game!

Yep…for the last couple of hours but suddenly back to normal.

I would certainly hope so!
WPG’s top receiver is their RB, Harris, who has less than 1/2 the yards of our leader, Banks.
While our second leading receiver, Addison will hit the 1000 yd. mark, early tonight, needing only 20 more yards, their #2 has 427 yards. Banks and Addison rank #2 and #4 in CFL receiving yards. Harris and Whitehead are #25 and #26.

Harris will also hit a 1000-yd. mark, early tonight, as he’s just 16 yds. shy of it in rushing yards.

Still finding the site a bit slow although a bit better than earlier. Maybe I’m just too far away? :-\ :wink: ;D

Anyway family is here -waiting for the arrival of dinner and I should get to watch the beginning of the game.

Well played sir !

Well their front four is excellent, especially with Jeffcoat and Jefferson at the ends, but their secondary is I think suspect. Rose is a ball hawk so maybe stay away from his side, but otherwise hopefully Evans watched the film of how Vernon Adams shredded that secondary in the fourth quarter last week.

OK Cats lets go out there and give these guys a good beat down. LGTC’s

come on D, lets get that turnover

not the start we wanted but we are just getting warmed up.

That was way too easy

That’s what the Bombers are thinking now too.

good bounce back drive.

Addison looked like was stopping before he was in and almost got tackled…phew!