Tiger-Cats at Blew Team Play-By-Play Thread

Sincde it's almost kickoff, I thought I'd start this.

I heard that there are a lot of Ticats fans who made the trip down the QEW so it might be a bit quiet here tonight but I'm here.

Here's hoping (rarely expect anything this season) for a nice comfortable win tonight and NO injuries.

you been drinkin already? :slight_smile:

Papi pooches it.

Is he REALLY the best option on the team?

Morton sighting - first down

Papi making up for his goof.
Two good receptions

A few nice plays to him there. Looking good so far, other than the drop on the punt..

FG 3-0 good guys

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He's doing just fine. Hasn't played for a while so needed a catch to get his feet under him".
Nice drive after getting the flew guys off the field in a hurry but would have been nice to get more than a FG out of it.

Who’s at the game? Looks like a small crowd on TV.

Protection has been good so far. The offensive line seems to have found its groove of late.

I heard on the TAN pre-game that there was lots of black and gold around. Cameras are usually pointed to the side of the field where fewer people sit .



I would have prefered a pass knockdown on that armpunt.

At least a punt would give us the chance of a return... lol

They had some continuity until the last game when Fontana was injured again. Woodmansey obviously had some practice at Centre this week

AND our new DB Randle picks off MBT NICE!

Way to go, new guy!

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apparent;y the blew team has the wind.

Maybe thats the reason for over throw!

wonder if the cats won the toss and chose to defer which is the wise option. I did hear that it's windy and could affect the punting.

it wasn't overthrown - perfect pass to Randle! :grinning:

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