Tiger-Cats at Als 8/3/18

Some notes from Herb at practice:

  • Adarius Bowman practicing.

  • T. J. Heath has yet to report

  • Nicholas Boulay is practicing

  • Landon Rice practicing at RG

  • Greg Ducre at field corner for White

  • Manziel will not be made available to the media after practice. Herb not happy.

And in Hamilton Banks not practicing, has a brace on his knee.

And from Didier, TJ Graham replacing the injured Chris Harper.

In addition, Matt Shiltz is not practicing due to his shoulder injury.

Team also announced the re-signing of DB Ty Cranston as well asWilly Mays IIIwho is listed as a LB. Mays last played at Your Call and was a DE over there.

No issue there after watching him this past Thursday.

Bill Beacon says Najee Murray's injury is a torn ACL.

He also says that with Matt Shiltz out with a shoulder injury, it is possible that all of the 3 active QB's against the Ti-Cats(Johnny Manziel, Vernon Adams, and Austin Apodaca) were not on the team at the start of this season.

Even though today was Adarius Bowman's first practice, he is expected to dress on Friday.

Any Austin Apodaca boosters out there?

Let us call this meeting of the AA Fanclub to order.

My name is GHT120 and it has been 4 years and 6 months since I believed the Alouettes have a quarterback; may AA bring me salvation.

Again this season, the Als are not "lucky" with injuries. Since the beginning of the season they averaged roughly 16 players on injured lists. On the 6 game injured list, they had 11 players on last game; a few -Boulay,Gagnon and Graham- will come off that list but a least 2 will be added.-Murray and White-

If the 3 QB's on active roster on Friday are Adams,Apodaca and Manziel, this is a sign,at least to me, that Drew Willy will most probably be released soon. They can't afford to keep him as the 4th QB for much longer.
At the beginning of the season, most expected Matthew Shiltz to be the starting QB. Unfortunately, he was injured most of the time. Injured in first pre-season game-illegal hit by Hebert- and was not on active roster before game 5. Injured in games 5 and 6 and should be added to injured list.

I expect Mike Sherman to name the starting QB on Thursday.


I can't imagine that 5 Int. receivers - Bowman,Cunningham,Graham,Jackson and Lewis will dress next Friday. Like Willy, I do think that Ernest Jackson days with the Als will end soon.


Not surprising considering he made a hard tackle on ST with his shoulder.

Adams said the fans hurt his feelings :-[

How many times are you going to post the same thing....might not be so bad if it were true but.....

After what Adams said about the fans booing him, he's as good as gone I'd guess?

Except he never said that....don't believe the Johnny Dodgeball trolls

Mike Sherman names Johnny Manziel as the starter for the game.

Oh no?

Going to look real bad if Johnny can't move the ball.

Why don't we forget about what he said or what he did not say. Focus should or even shall be on this Friday's game. Now Mike Sherman said that Johnny will be the starter.


Saying it hurt, and saying it hurt his feelings are 2 different things

Not sure I follow your thinking....are you saying that the fans chanting "We want Johnny" physically hurt him? :o Ofcourse he is saying it hurt his feelings! I think that part was fine, but he went over the top with the other remarks.

And this does relate to the game, as there is a good chance Adams might have to go back in front of these same fans. I would expect them to boo him right out of the park!

Did he say it hurt his feelings? No

And no I don't think he went over the top....

It was not Als' fans that were chanting...It was Johnny Dodgeball fans....Most f them prob never even heard of the CFL before

Real fans wont boo him out of the part...they are standing beside him

Vernon Adams apologized for the outburst.

"To the fans of the Montreal Alouettes: I am truly sorry for letting my emotions get the best of me in that moment. I’m a competitor, and I responded poorly. I understand y’all wanted to see JM2, & I wish him the best & care most about the Alouettes winning games. Love this Team."