Tiger-Cats at Alouettes-Samedi,le 9 juin 2018. 12h Dernière partie pré-saison.

June Jones said-Hamilton training camp- that QB Jeremiah Masoli won't play against the Alouettes this Saturday. He wants to make sure that he's healthy when they play their first regular season game in Calgary,on June 16,2018.

The 3 QB's will be: Johnny Manziel,Vernon Adams Jr. and Bryan Moniz. June Jones did not name the starter,yet.


Not surprising ... actually a smart move. I expect they will try to give Manziel the first half to really help find his CFL groove. I wonder how much folks will overreact if Adams looks good against the 3rd string defence in the second half.

Any guesses for those of you close to the team whether the Manziel factor and now likely playing a majority of the game will result in a decent crowd for your pre season game this week?

Grand Prix Weekend..... Als should be on the road.

Looking a ticket availability, there only seems to be about a 1500 seats left. :slight_smile:


I was curious and clicked on the link. Does it say anywhere that there are approximately 1500 available? Maybe I am missing it.

Looking forward to seeing Manziel get crushed by John Bowman! Make him eat some turf!

Nah I can buy six side by side in E1 or G1... There are way many more thousands than 1500 tickets available.

I will be pleasantly surprised if they get 20000 for the game., Grand Prix weekend.

I was curious and clicked on the link. Does it say anywhere that there are approximately 1500 available? Maybe I am missing it.
It was just a guesstimate by me, and not a very good one :-[, still a pretty good turnout for pre season and on Grand Prix weekend


June 9th - Teams can start registering practice roster spots
June 10th - Teams must cut down from Training Camp Roster by 10:00 a.m. ET
( 46 players)

If they get 20k+ that is great news.

When I compare the latest off-season roster with the depth chart for tomorrow's game, I see that 18 players won't dress; many, I assume for minor injuries. The best known amongst these 18 players are: Jean-Samuel Blanc, Ryan Bomben, John Bowman, Alan- Michael Cash, B.J. Cunningham, TJ Graham, Sean Jamieson, George Johnson and Jesse Joseph. Others are mainly rookies.

Many Hamilton players-most of these players will make the team- won't play either.


Je n’ai pas des attentes élevées pour cette partie. Cette équipe est passablement reconstruite et aura certainement besoin de la moitié de la saison pour bâtir sa cohésion… si tant il est qu’elle en trouve une.

Je me désole que Johnson ne soit aligné pour les parties, mais d’un autre côté, c’est peut-être parce que l’équipe a déjà décidé de le garder dans la formation. C’est un jeune homme intelligent et de commerce très agréable. S’il progresse un peu, il pourra rendre de précieux services à l’équipe. Il peut tirer son épingle du jeu dans cette ligue.

Je vais regarder le travail des secondeurs et des joueurs de ligne offensive, les deux unités qui me semblent les plus faibles après les quarts-arrières.

J'espère que les Alouettes utiliseront le match de demain, ou a tout le moins les premières parties de la saison, pour mettre en valeur Ernest Jackson au maximum. Sa saison 2017 a été décevante, d'autant plus qu'en théorie il est sensé être notre receveur #1.

Xavier Fulton, le nouveau Jacob Ruby?

Pire ... Fulton est INTERNATIONAL

Jones did a nice job of play calling to relieve the pressure on BOTH OTs, but OMG they have been bad.

Dump Jackson and free up money to perhaps get a decent but overpriced LT?

Don't know if the Toronto Sports Network guys noticed, but Vercheval noticed on what looked like a bad pass by Willy short of Williams was into a strong wind that clearly was not compensated for.

Moped the floor, vacuumed, polished my furniture actually got alot of stuff done around the house...the old Mike would of kicked back and watched a good ole Alouettes football game...i cant believe what im seeing...what used to be...so sad...worst part is were hitting up BC for our first game...which will probably lead to a good ole school yard beating....dunno what to say or think anymore

Willy is the guy? Really?