Tiger-Cats at Alouettes Play-By-play Thread

Two years according to the roster achive... did you see who our starting quarterback was at the time (2002 - 2003)?

Khari Jones.

I’ll never make it to the bonus round if you keep answering your own trivia questions. :wink:


Sorry. But you didn't answer in the form of a question... NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!

You'd think Jones would connect the dots and give that idea some legs. I'll throw some more slogans in here as soon as I rest my brain. It's late. G'nite! :yawning_face:

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Does anybody know why Katsantonis was inserted? I don't recall hearing the TSN guys saying anything about an injury in our secondary. :thinking:

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Well there's the new tackle that they signed this past week sitting on the suspended list while he quarantines so maybe he'll be a difference maker and take over for Okafor. Revenberg we KNOW is good, Ciraco is growing into his new position at centre, Murray did well enough as did the other guard (forgotten name) so the talent may well be there. The more that they can keep the line consistent the better they can be as they get used to playing together as a unit.

I'd agree. The Ticats will FINALLY get their home opener - last team in the league to do so. Labour Day being what it is, and being the first home game in almost two years, it's going to be a CRAZY atmosphere there!

Hard to imagine TSN missing anything in a such a professional broadcast.


Wait until Collaros takes his first big hit & Fajardo comes up limping badly from a run & they'll see how their seasons go. I don't wish injuries on any player, but both those teams are 1 hit away from being in deep $hit.


Unless they were resting him or he was gassed

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I noticed Katsantonis on the field in the second half but later saw Adeleke back in at one point so thought they may have just been resting him a bit. But Katsantonis looked like he played most of the 4 th. No mention on TSN of an injury.

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Looked back at play by play and no mention of injury. With being up they may have chose to rest him

That would make sense - probably don't want to push and risk the injury (hamstring?) re-occurring. And it was his first game in a LONG time!
And they may want to give Katsontonis some meaningful reps in case he has to step in again at some point in the season. Nothing wrong with playing your back ups when the outcome of the game is not in question.


Or smaller head😉

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No question. Our number one backup (McGuire) has completed 2 out of 3 passes in this league... mind you that was back in 2019. He's way more experienced now. Right? I mean, all that practice and preparation (not to mention the immense pressure of always being ready to go in). Still, ONLY 2 passes completed in three years...

This is why we had that bubble wrap helmet made for Colaros. We're planning to install an airbag just under his chin as well. Just waiting for the surgical glue to show up from Amazon. Fingers crossed. :grimacing:

On a completely unrelated note ..Steagle was advocating Dom Davis as a remedy for OTT woes. With nany a peep of skepticism from rest of panel.
Dom Davis.

I can honestly say I haven’t watched any of the Ottawa games so far. And Judging from everyone’s comments I plan to keep it that way. What are the other QBs options? Bring back Will Arndt? Dakota Prukop? J’Mar Smith?

on cogeco tsn 1 is like 416 i think

Too bad they can’t get Arbuckle. He seems like a good one.



I wonder if Rocky Butler has kept in shape?

That TSN panel is the worst panel they've ever had. Man, I miss having Schultzy there. Sanchez is a mushmouth who couldn't express a coherent point to save his life & Stegall has always been awful. Barker is so/so & I still like Dunigan, but he doesn't look like he's enjoying himself at all. I don't mind Beirness' presence at all, but that might be down to my liking for attractive redheaded women.

And, as several others have pointed out, the guys calling the games never give much in the way of injury updates. Overall, the quality has declined markedly.

The suggestion of Davis is ridiculous, and indicative of the poor knowledge of the panel. Just because a guy was a good player doesn't mean he'll be a good analyst.

I caught the second half of the Ottawa/BC game last night. Personally, I wouldn't have chosen Nicholls as my QB, but if you're going to go with him, he needs a strong supporting cast, which Ottawa doesn't seem to have.