Tiger-Cats @ Argo's

Okay round three is about to begin today the cats won the first of the Ballard Bowl on Labour Day in Hamilton, We lost the second round in Toronto by allowing the Argo's back in, it's now time to close the door on the Argo's and win today in Toronto and solidify our spot in the playoffs and the East Division.

So much is riding on the line in this game, a home playoff berth, the opportunity to keep pace with Montreal in the lead in the East and maybe an opportunity to win the East and show all media that the underdog Cats are for real.

Tiger-Cats @ Argo's 4:00pm at Roger's Centre in Toronto, Let's fill the place with Loud & Proud Tiger-Cat Fans and Win this game for our Team, our Fans and Nathan Cirillo & Family. It's Hamilton Day at the Roger's Centre!!!


Argos, not Argo's

Sorry don't mean to be picky but you're always doing this and it's starting to bug me.

Cats will win this one for Nathan

These are the preferred spellings

No argument there, Grover !! :smiley:

Madjack sorry you woke up the wrong side of life today but don't be so picky and if you tare going to be pick something other tan your body parts Madjack Bum crack!!!

I just learned not to deal with Madjack who is a dedicated Argo's Fan, hey you noticed I said Argo's if that pisses you off too bad
learn to live with it in life, why are there many great fans on this site and a few idiots and Argo's Fans!!!!

Geez don't be so defensive.

And I am not a fan of the blue team. Never have been. Don't know where you got that from.

LOL!!!!! Well I can assure you that the Madman aka Jack is no fan of the Cats, I do have it on good authority that he is 100% definitely no fan of the Blue team....unless you sprinkle in some red and white in the colour scheme. The Jack is believe me a devout fan of the Alouettes and that is where his dedication lies. :slight_smile: Not to worry MJ, I have a funny feeling that the Cats and Als will be meeting not only for the last game of the schedule but also two weeks later in the Eastern Final. :cowboy:

I'll be happy either way then Bobo; Montreal is 1A and the Cats 1B in my ranking. Numbers 2 to 8 then fluctuate from season to season based on personnel and coaching staffs. . .but that blue team, well having been born and raised in Hamilton, they rank well below the others. That's just in the blood.

Either way you spell it or punctuate it or pronounce it or say it,one thing is very very clear and that is the fact that the...........
ARGOS SUCK !!!!!!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :cowboy:

Even Mr.Lahey and Randy know they SUCK !!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


That pic is classic :lol: " Randy my wife lets me have a little drinky pooh when the Arssholes play the Black and Gold" where's the Darn whiskey Randy! :cowboy:

Ah, a pre-game grammar thread! What fun.

It isn't "Argo's" because there is no singular "Argo" when you are writing about the team as a whole. You wouldn't write "Canadian's" would you?

No idea how to explain the "Leafs".

Go Cats!


They are the only ACCEPTABLE spellings Grover :lol:

What a debacle so far after 1 quarter. The Cats are totally out of sync and did not show up to play. Glad I didn't drop a couple hundred bucks for tickets to this.

Agreed! What the hell is going on... of course as i write that down Ticats finally get something on the board... :rockin: wake up and step it up!