Tiger-Cats @ Argo's

Friday has arrived Tiger-Cat Fans, tonight at 7:00pm at the Roger's Centre in Toronto we take on our rivals the Argo's for the second match up this year in our long rivalry.

It's the First Game of the Thanksgiving Weekend CFL games, Our Cats are Hungry, let's Dine of some Argo's Turkey Tonight and pull off a leg or two and Win.

Let's fill the Roger's Centre with Black & Yellow Jersey's and cheer on our Tiger-Cats to Victory, It's time to show Toronto fans Football Hamilton style, Tough Defence, Great Special Teams, Strong Offence and Lots of Noise!!


Really looking for tonight's game, even though I can't make it as I am on call. I am having flashbacks to last November, and how awesome it was. Feel bad missing it.

I know the crowd wont be big, but I know the team appreciates everyone who tries to make it after work on a Friday, so I'm sure they are extra motivated. A win today goes a LONG way to assuring a home playoff game (I think?).

I am thinking we win 30-28.

With all the talk of long field goals (65 for Waters, 61-62 for Medlock) it would be cool to see a field goal shoot at the end if the defenses are strong to win the game.

Going to be a long day at work waiting for this one...

For all you Ti-Cats fans going to the game tonight (like me). Be prepared to make lots of noise - because we are going to be SEVERELY outnumbered by the looks of things. The Ti-Cats side of the stadium has thousands and thousands of seats left. The Argos side with any kind of sales today looks like it is going to be fairly full.


This should be a Ti-Cat win by 8...if the coaching continues to make smart calls and some imagination on 1-2 yard plays, we will stay in 1st.

Looking forward to this one and another Ticats win by at least 3 or more. I will hopefully see most or all of it but will be out of town visiting my mother-in-law with NO internet access which will be a bit tough. Will cheer from the north and be looking to see lots of black and gold in the stands!


Why do you think there aren't going to be many fans going?

I am pumped for the game, but can't go because I am on call for work.

I am thinking that because there are 2 games in 3 weeks, people are choosing the late October game which they think might mean more in the standings?

Kind of a let down compared to last years games. Although last year was a misnomer with the traveling team support, as a lot of fans were left out of Guelph, and made it an event to go to Toronto I suspect.

We are about ready to take off and head your way, hope it is a good game. Good luck to the Tiger-Cats!

Can't make it out to the game tonight due to tight timelines but I will follow our commisioner Marc's lead comments by watching it on TV! :rockin:
Plus there's lots of upside at home:

  1. Unlimited food menu choices & no way of running out of ANYTHING.
  2. No ATM required
  3. Cold beverages for a far superior price
  4. 3 washrooms for 4 people means you will always have a washroom available within 30 seconds....no waiting.
  5. Hand driers that work.....it's called a towel!
  6. No fee parking
  7. Surrounded by others that know the game :cowboy:
    Home SWEET Home baby!
    Only thing I'll miss is sitting in my seat for a home game but that's in a few weeks :lol:

Oskiee wee wee.

This first game is the start of the build up to possibly three games between these two at the dome , I do hope however that we have the eastern final at THF, but time will tell. Ticket sales look reasonably brisk to-day and yes there will be lots of TC fans there , not in the numbers that we seen at the eastern final last year but still, they will be loud and proud as always.

The game on the 25th will surly be of importance and I can see large numbers of TC fans coming from all over for that one.

Then if these two meet again in the eastern final or even semi final at the dome I see attendance rivaling or possibly even exceeding the playoff game of last season.

safe flight. enjoy the game. just dont cheer to loud, they dont like that sort of thing at the skydump!


someones got an attendance fetish lol

Are you saying you've invited Robofan209 and Darcy from the Fifth Quarter to watch the game at your house?? If so, lucky you!!!

Actually a relief this is a road game and under the dome so the Spec can stop talking and asking about wind.

....and to think the weather forecast is only calling for 10km. winds for the Ottawa game on Friday night.

The Falcon is on the ground, we found the hotel, get ready to go to early dinner then the Game.

first CFL game? just please dont judge this league based on Toronto

Hopefully more of this to come.


I'm doing this on my phone so please ignore errors and my logging off.
Not my first game, went to several while Canada was designing the Arm for Shuttle. First for several other guys with me. We are not here to judge, we came to watch your CFL, and enjoy a short visit to your Canada. Tonight we will stand with our northern neighbors for O CANADA!
Tomorrow morning we will take the Falcon to West Point to watch the Army/Rice game and come home tomorrow night.
Enjoy your game tonight, and MAKE NOISE!

Just a reminder of the last time the Cats were at the Rogers :thup: How SWEEET It Was!!!! OSKI-WEE-WEE It's time to make the Double Blue,BLACK "N" BLUE !!!! GO CATS GO !!!!!

ok cool. have fun be safe and hopefully the good guys win :rockin: