Tiger-Cats/Argonauts October 23 Postgame Thread

Funny how quiet the forum is after a win eh...?

Good solid win.

First half was great. Offense couldn't move the ball in the second half. Defense was average tonite. The Argos dropped a few balls and Robertson was running well against us.

We need more pressure from the d line. SSK is going to eat us alive next week if we can't get to Durant.

I was down at the game tonite and I was happy about the win but you could feel that it was just a win. There are a lot of question marks about this team. Besides the Dline, our secondary isn't very good an against a good team, it will be majorly exposed.

I liked the play calling tonite. We are mixing in some receiver screens and some timing routes but I was just not happy about how we finished that game.

We have a long way to go but I can feel a win over SSK and two loses by WPG to MTL.

Its a natural to understand that the Cats may will loe ro Sakatchewan next week.

Buy I honestly cannot see where the "Spy's" can in any way beat the Larks in either of the two weeks coming up.

So it all comes down to that game against the "Spy's"...

With KG at QB, I have a great deal of confidence.

We must keep him "alive" and in "one piece" though the upcoming encounter with Mrs Baggs and Mr Chick next week, as if you think the Butcher's Boy is dreadfull, thesse two deserve to be on the TiCats team for the "hurt" they can inflict and deal out....not to say Sask is unbeatable, but they are going to be a lot tougher than the Blew Jobs were tonight, and a real "challenge"

Its finally getting "exciting"!

I think last week we played up to the Als and this week we played down to the Argos (at least in the second half.)
next week against the Roughriders we need to play our own game and not go into any conservative defensive game if we get a lead. We are capable of going head to head with the Riders and that's what our offense needs to do.
I have great confidence in Glenn, Bruce and the boys to make a game of it next week.

Glenn most valuable offensive player last week
Gladiator of the week this week.
I guess Bruce was right afterall. :lol:

With Ricky Ray probably hurt for next wks. game, the Argos will have a real chance at being the spoiler for edmonton.

I now work nights and wasn't able to watch the game. Just saw the hi/low lights of the game on SportsCenter.

Anyone know the status of Mariuz? It didn't look good.

Thirteen carries for 33 yards.

Big game coming up at home. Over on the Bummer site they are saying we have no chance against Sask. Some are also predicting they beat the Als in both games. Those over their really spew garbage sometimes, Get over yourself. Sask will be tough but cmon to say we have no chance?

Anyway. The D played pretty good tonight beside a few mistakes and the Offence is showing confidence at the right time. Glenn is on a roll and I think he will have a great game on Halloween againt hie former team.

This is sooooo True. The positive change in attitude on the field was obvious and Glenn is the reason.

HOWEVER ,,,,, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for the running game up the centre in such a predictable frequence. This HAS to change. Obviously the Argooooooooos were waiting for the Cobb machine either in hole 2 or 4 . 9.5 times out of 10, there was a solid wall there. This game could have had much better results if the 1st and 10 play was something different.

Last nights play will not garner success against Ssk even though the Cats can beat them.

Cmon Cats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That solid Argo wall got quite a surprise in the last couple of minutes ..... HAM first & ten @ TOR 37, Argo line stacked up and set for Cobb ...... Glenn surprises with a quick throw, right side, to Bauman on the sideline for a 27 yard gain which set up the short FG to put the game out of Argo reach.

Not last night he wasn't. In their two wins Robertson ran for over a hundred yards in each game. In our two wins he didn't.

I believe many of us are examining last night's win with a critical eye due to the four game losing streak and resultant playoff fight with the bummers. At one point in this season we were in second place in the league.

RE-" Barker will eventually learn to cover for those guys."----------- Like Beverage has been doing all season :thup:

Agreed. Looking over the stats, I don't think there's a single category where the Argos came out on top. This time, they won all three parts of the battle. The Cats made fewer mistakes than their norm for this year and came back quickly, with poise, when they had to after the Argos made it close. There were a lot of good signs last night, both on the field and around the bench -- enough to give real reason to believe that maybe, just maybe ..... it IS COMING TOGETHER, just in time.

I know I know....I'm a "glass is half empty" kind of guy. While I'm relieved that the Cats won that game I was shi#$ing bricks in the second half wondering if we were going to let this game slip away. I mean...6 points in the second half? Yikes. And to let the Argos come back with 17 of their own. Sorry....to me..unacceptable. Not if this team hopes to beat both the Riders and the Bombers in the next two weeks. I'm not sure if it was a case of taking the foot of the gas in the second half or that the Argos made adjustments and the Cats didn't. But whatever it was....the coaching staff better have it resolved for next weeks game. We also dodged a bullet on that first Argo TD that was called back.

Just when I thought I heard it all on this site.

I would rather us win the game! then to lose closely. Isnt that what football is all about winning, making the playoffs. Come on, The Cats played a good game against a very tough Argo defense. Give the Ticats some credit. Sure they may have let up a little in the second half, but the Argos arent going to play dead. Maybe they made some adjustments in the second half.

Regardless, Glenn played a great game. Not his fault the defense let up a little in the second but they still played well allowing only 17 points. Overall great game Cats!!!!

Ion;y "saw" the second half, as I was stuck in traffic on the 401. Listening to the game, I almost drove off the road when Moreno picked off the football that hit AB3 in the hands, and ran it in for a TD. Good thing the blew team was offside. FIRST FRICKIN PLAY FROM SCRIMMAGE!!! Glenn got it back under control and managed a good game for us.

Belli is back to his old habits with a late hit on Glenn.
Baumann played well - catching what was thrown to him, getting YACs, and good blocking.
GREAT to see the depth in receivers as Cory Grant made a nice reception as he came in for James.
The O-line protected Glenn well, although Hudson and Goodspeed took bad holding calls. However, those holds stopped the blew team from hitting the QB, so I can accept them.
Tisdale needs to get his head examined and play the receiver, NOT the ball all the time. Coach Sal did not believe that his PI penalty was warranted as the feet got tangled up AS HE WAS MAKING A PLAY ON THE BALL. Should have been a non-call (I didn't see the play or the replay, so I cannot make a judgment).
Setta was kicking VERY well.
Barker was about to KILL a blew team receiver in the 4th quarter, but showed good judgment when he did not make the reception. He made an "Aw, shucks" motion after the incompletion - it sure did look like he wanted to hit him hard.
The running plays up the gut are designed plays - all teams have them. It is a play designed to pull the LB into run coverage, and allow the SB some more room and create a mis-match with a SB being covered by a LB. Cobb still made some good, positive yardage on those plays.
Cobb is our diamond in the rough. 80 yards rushing and a few receiving yards with a TD reception. I like him.

The "bend but don't break" defence that we were playing in the second half almost gave me a heart attack. I DID like the two-and-outs we forced the blew team into though...

Barker had him lined up perfectly. Don’t know why he didn’t cut him in half. Should have with that opportunity. The same guy went 95 yds for six on the very next play!

The receiver dropped the pass. It would have been AT LEAST a 15-yd penalty.

Probably true. But he couldn't have caught the pass, on the next play, in the ambulance!

i thought baumann showed something by NOT running out of bounds and taking the hit (& hurt) near the end of the game to keep the clock ticking.