Tiger-Cats/Argonauts October 23 Postgame Thread

Please use this thread to discuss tonight's Tiger-Cats/Argonauts game.

LOL Good win not great but i see a bunch of players coming together at the right time …
And a QB named Glen that’s got his chance to lead another team and hes going with it …
Good fast read’s tonight knowing what he could get and when to get rid of the ball Good Job BIG O…
Some WR came out tonight james caught my eye has good 3 quarters …Looking good .
But most of all The defense again pressure combined with alot of zone coverage and some good 5 man pressure .
Keeps everyone fresh and the road to the playoffs get that much closer …

2 great weeks of football in a row, one a moral victory and one an official victory. Great job KG, last weeks Offensive POW, this weeks friday night gladiator. You may not be good enough to play in Winnipeg anymore, but you're always welcome in steeltown. CATS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

We CANNOT play like that next week and expect to win... and make no mistake.. we MUST win next week to leave nothing to chance for the final game against the Bummers!!!!!

All in all I'm happy for the win as it leaves us in the drivers seat... WE CONTROL OUR OWN DESTINY!!!!

A win against SSK is totally doable. I expect to see more fans at this game since
a) we won tonight
b) Tickets are being given out left right and center
c) it has playoff implications.

Well, maybe I shouldn't have been surprised that this team would not know what to do with a 20 point lead at the half if they had one. It seemed as if they let success in the first half get to their heads and they seemed to forget that 20 point leads at the half can disappear. The defence in particular, after limiting the blew team to not many net yards in first half, let KJ complete passes, after he went only 3/9 in first half. At least they kept Robertson from getting anywhere as I expected.

Glenn definitely deserved that watch. No picks. No sacks. 322 passing yards. 73.7% completion percentage. He'll likely give credit to his teammates, the offensive line in particular.

But check out the receiving stats:

D. COBB 7 32 1 12
A. BRUCE 5 96 0 42
M. MCDANIEL 5 61 0 16
D. JAMES 5 52 0 20
D. STALA 3 26 0 10
C. BAUMAN 2 46 0 27
C. GRANT 1 9 0 9

Isn't it good to have depth in the receiving corps? Hope James will be alright, but will Rodriguez be back soon?

Cobb also got a few good gains and caught what was thrown to him. He can get rushing and receiving yards, but not passing yards. Two out of three ain't bad.

We played well enough to beat the league's worst team. But we need to see improvement on this to win vs. Riders.

Agree on all fronts BYF, the D hel the blew team to just 64 total yards in the 1st half, then let them get up.. we HAVE to keep our foot on the throats ot our opponents if we expect to do any damage in the playoffs!!!

Now the Cats need BC and Edmonton to lose for the rest of the year to keep them at 8 wins incase our Cats are in 3rd place.

If the Peg loses the rest then we get 2nd and don't even have to worry about the crossover.


If this turned out being a Ticat loss, we'd be hearing more criticism of the secondary, of Tisdale in particular. KJ was throwing to whoever Smith was covering, understandably.

We took advantage of some questionable decisions that they made. Going for it and 3rd and more than 1 from inside your 30? Running that punt out of the end zone? We took advantage of some bad decisions that they made.

It was good to see Setta good from 45.

We finally won one away from IWS, for the first time since week 2. We ended our losing streak. We didn't let the blew team win the Ballard Cup. For those reasons, I'm happy.

Overall a really solid game from both the offence and defence. But our secondary has some glaring holes. Smith and Tisdale are getting burned consistently. Tisdale has been improving all year but still gambles for a pick and loses in a big way. Twice tonight. I think Coach Marshall let him have it on the sideline. Barker will eventually learn to cover for those guys. Luckily Jykine Bradley is a maniac. He wraps and hits hard. We need more like him in the secondary.

I completely agree, the one that angered me most was the one on the sidelines where Tisdale had the sure tackle, went for the ball, couldn't get it, backed off and allowed someone else to tackle 20 yards down the field. Go for the interception only when you're certain it's yours or if Coach Marshall tells you to.

Great game. News flash to the doomsdayers on this thread - WE WON THE FRIGGIN' GAME!

Not a perfect game. It never is. Overall, it was a good game and a win, putting our team a step closer to playoffs, and a home playoff game at that. Just accept it and like it. No matter what happens there's always this undercurrent that against any other team, we would've lost. Well guess what, against any other team last week we would've blown them out, but it was Montreal. Every game is a different game. Next week we won't play like last week or this week - it'll be a whole new game, different players, different dynamics.

Lighten up and enjoy the first win in weeks. It's amazing how people find something to complain about after every win. Unbelievable.

You and a couple other apparently do not care about the BIGGER picture!!

Doomsayers? To me, it's more like simply pointing out where there is room for improvement. After last week's loss, there were positives, and we focused on them. This week, there were a few negatives, and there can be some focus on that. I certainly hope the team will.

But as I said before, I'm happy, as the positives outweighed negatives tonight.

The toughest games are yet to come!! We are by no means out of the woods!

And remember EDM. plays the Argos, so there is 2 points more for them EDM = 16 at least.
which i think will be good enough for third place in the east.

WIN = 12 (two loses to Mont.)
Cats = 14 ( one lose to SASK)

Then it is all on the line in Winnipeg.
And you know who goes to the playoffs if we tie with Winnipeg.

Great game by the Ticats!!

The Argos have a good D, and to be up by 20 at the half was nice. I thought Glenn played another great game. Very efficient, spreading the field, and also using the run game. Kudos to Gibson, his offense has come to life.

I can`t wait until next weeks game against Saskatchewan. Should be a great crowd. Go Cats Go!!

We won that is good. But I am still amazed at how flat we come out in important games. I would rather see us lose and play as well as we did against Montreal than watch us win by the skin of our teeth like we did tonight. Call me old fashion. Everyone played too conservatively against a very bad team. #7, #9 are our weakest links in the defensive backfield and they will be our undoing unless someone shows #7 how to watch for the damn ball. #9 ....I still can not figure out how you step in front of a pass like he did and miss the freakin ball completely.

We won the first half 20-0 they won the second half 17-6! Not that much to be happy about. Saskatchewan will play 60 minutes of football I hope we can. This team still needs player leadership on both sides of the ball. As far as I can see the last player leader left a couple of years ago when he retired. Mr Glenn should quit worrying about the watch and figure out why he was outplayed in the second half!

FYI playing great but not winning was our thing last year and it didn't deem too popular. 9 Points is hardly the skin of our teeth, it's kinda close but that's about it. We started the game strong and made sure we ended on top. Can't ask for much more.

Good game. Not great but certainly very good. Glenn had a strong game, mixed up his receivers well and with a few more key catches could have had a great game. I liked how he managed the game and was not afraid to go long. Notice how his quick release resulted in NO sacks for the second straight game. The O-line must love this guy.
Receivers played exceptionally well and seem to be able to get open for a change. McDaniel solid game as a receiver, got to figure out a way to spring him on kick returns. Bruce is absolutely the best. Every game I think they don't throw to him enough but by the end of the game he is always our leading receiver. Still, they should go to him more often.
Hickman - outstanding. Barker - hmmmm still learning. I think we are a little stronger with Sandy in there but Dylan is doing fine.
Cobb a solid game. He's one broken tackle away from some big gains.
Offensive played too conservative in the second half but that's understandable.

Hey great we have a win against the ARGOS. You played the first half good but we could lost the game with the play in the second half. So on HALLOWEEN it a BIG ONE and the whole team have to be on their game BIG TIME. Hopefully the BOMBERS will BOMB tomorrow. Because with the Edmonton lost tonight they tie with use in points and the crossover is on the line.
Great game lets look for a better one next Saturday. GO CATS GO!!!!!