Tiger-Cats are Awful

Hamilton is very bad all-around with little entertaninment value. McManus and those WR's should be ashame. Their defense is ok, but not spectacular.

I thought McManus did an ok job...if not even better. Blame the recievers...


The recievers were good untill they stared fucking up in the end, Hamilton will bring it on and beat Edmonton next week!

Brazzell is a bum.

He's dropped important passes in every game I've watched the Ti-Cats play this year.

I still say that, although McManus has been a relatively good passer so far this season, Greg Marshall should put Marcus Brady in for a change. Can't be any worse tho: the receivers probably won't catch his throws either.

McManus is not to blame for the Ticat loss. His receivers dropped key balls again. We'll see how they do against the Esks. The Ticats played their best game and look like they're improving. Flick and Brazzel have dropped some real heartbreakers.

Flick didn't help the cats out, he lost 12 points because of 2 undisciplined penalties of his ... (well, I consider offensive pass interference undisciplened). And then Brazzel and someone else (Yeast? Flick? forget) dropped those two passes, consecutively ... those would've added up to at least 25 yards, if caught. That could've made the difference. Although Danny Mac also shouldn't have thrown up a prayer when on the final drive ... prayers always end up as picks!

I agree - McManus hasn't changed a bit in the last ten years, but he needs some good receivers.

If things don't improve soon, I can see Hamilton picking up some NFL cuts and replacing Flick and Brazzell.

Hamilton's offence needs a face lift. Except of course Davis.

Hey We've probably got two of the best O-lineman in the league In Hack and Comisky. And if im not mistaken there both Tackles as well. Although the rest of our line is bismal and needs some more help. Mcmanus had a good game against B.C I still say get rid of him he threw that interception on the last drive which lost us the game. He over threw the recievers a lot as well. Yea our recievers could fight a little more for the ball. But if the balls thown 5 feet over there head what are they supposed to do. I think everybody (especially the announcers and the tigercats team) need to stop making excuses for Danny he's been bad for 2 or 3 years now. I dont care if he did have that 5000 yard season last year didnt help with all the pics he threw. Danny is done. Like seriously how long are u all goign to make excuses for him. I myself am sick and tired of him and think we need a new QB. And i dont think that Brady will do either.

Yeast was the only reliable target last game and he even dropped 1. At the beginning of the year I thought that HAM would have one of the better cores in the league. Guess i was wrong.......

Off the top, our team has been bad...but Dominquez 1. Thanks for backing Yeast (kinda) and 2. there is still 13 weeks before the playoffs start so you may still be right about our recievers. Tthere is no reason for Ti-Cats fans to panic...at least not yet.

Don't think Ticats are that bad. Thought they played a good game with McManus throwing pretty well, just his receivers let him down. Think McManus can pick apart a defence. D looks pretty decent. I'm pretty sure they'll turn it around.