Tiger-Cats and Bulldogs partnership?

I went to the Online Ti Cat store and noticed that they also have the AHL Bulldogs merchandise for sale at Ti Cat Stores.
I was just curious about what the partnership may be between the two franchises at this point and if there is any plans in the future for the two clubs to partner in any other ventures.

With NASL club a future possibility at the new stadium.
FirstOntario Centre (Copps) is also under new management and making some major improvements.
NBL of Canada new pro basketball league has Hamilton as a potential franchise sight
Team Canada has just one the World Lacrosse Championships and the Hamilton National's of the outdoor MLL field Lacrosse team took the year off. They recently played at Ron Joyce but the NLL box Lacrosse league is much more popular in Canada. Which could lead to the possibility of moving to the NLL.
The Bulldogs will likely look to have an outdoor AHL classic vs the Marlies again only this time the new THF would be a much better venue than Ivory Wynn.

If some or all of these things were to happen would/could the Bulldogs and TiCats benefit from a partnership of some kind.

Only part of the store that looks Ugly

So right now it is just a formal deal for the Bulldogs to sell merchandise through the Ti Cats store then ?
I am guessing then Ti Cats Merchandise is available during Bulldogs games at FirstOntario Cntre as well ?
The Ti Cat store at THF will be open everyday and for all events. If the Merchandise shop at First Ontario is open for Bulldogs and all events that actually is good deal as well. The easier and more available merchandise is to get would naturally bring up sales. A few thousand people at a multitude of events at two venues. Add a NASL club gives more events. Both the new THF and rebranded and new Management at FirstOntario are both actively pursuing other events. A very positive outlook for Hamilton.

From my understanding, the Ti-Cat store as been running the Bulldogs Shop at FirstOntario for some time, I believe they started last season, or the season before. As to why, I can only speculate, but before they took over the quality and volume of Bulldogs merchandise was fairly poor and had been going downhill for some time since the Calder Cup passed and the recession hit. That and their online presence, was non-existent and in a state of perpetual construction (if you think MRX is bad, infinity pro sports is far worse and seemingly incapable of generating an online store).

However by partnering with the Ti-Cat store, the Bulldogs substantially increased their buying power, has a web presence, and gained access to other distributors. The Ti-Cat store basically found employment for many of it's employees during the off-season and gets a cut of the profits to run the store. It's pretty much a win win for both teams, and given that the Ti-Cat store has never been packed to capacity and in need of expansion, adding a small Bulldogs section seemed logical.

@EASTEND17 - Still worlds better then having god awful White and Blue crap in the store.

@cflstve - Sadly and understandably no. Much like the Ti-Cats don't try to sell Bulldogs gear at CFL games, neither do the Bulldogs try to sell at the FOC (heh...FOC!). Keep also in mind the First OntarioCentre store isn't open save during games, which in itself is a problem, but given it's location and the scope of their merchandise sales, is understandable.

However, I do hope that the Bulldogs and the Ti-Cats continue to have dealings. I'd love nothing more then the Bulldogs/Ti-Cats and Marlies get together and have annual Outdoor Classics alternating at BMO and THF.

I think another great idea the Bulldogs should do to market their game is instead of having the school day game every year, maybe mixed it up and see if they can get the Ti-Cats if they can give a free Bulldogs ticket for one for every Ti-Cat season ticket holder to attend. That I think would be a great thing to have in the deal book. Then on that game day, have the Bulldogs come out in Hamilton Tiger's retro Jerseys.

Anyways, I'm the understand that Michael Andleaur (owner of the Bulldogs) is committed to the team, even to go as far and say "If my affiliation gets pulled, I would try my best to catch on with another team". The city and the management corp what to keep them there, as he's put his own money into helping upgrade the facilities in the past.

I wish the Bulldogs got more respect. Supporting them in no way would hurt the chance of getting an NHL team and we have all the pieces to have our team be the envy of the AHL, if only people would check their egos at the door and realize, it's still great hockey for a sixth of the cost of a Leafs ticket.

It does seem like a win win for both clubs for Bulldogs Merchandise at TiCat stores. It seems as though the Bulldogs owner has been much like the caretaker in spending his own money to keep the Bulldogs going.
More joint ventures with the two clubs would make sense and could very well be headed in that direction.
Both clubs and the city are simultaneously getting a big boost from new sources with the new THF and all of the new corporate sponsor revenue. It may not be a coincidence that Global Spectrum has taken over as manager of the Arena and that FirstOntario got on board with purchasing Corporate naming rights.
The stage is set now for Hamilton to be a prime destination for sports and entertainment events year round now with modern outdoor stadium and modern upgrades to the Arena.
With the Hamilton Metro being the 9th largest in Canada having to drive into downtown Toronto for entertainment and sports options is probably a hassle they would prefer not to have with more options and great venues right in Hamilton they wont have to.

One can hope. The Bulldogs greatest problem has been one of the Ti-Cats problems the last few seasons. That's playing out of a venue that's too big for your fan base. It's no easy task to sell people on AHL hockey regrettably, especially when all the surrounding areas have OHL teams (Niagara, Guelph, Kitchener, London & Mississauga), even harder to sell out a 17,000 seat stadium when the best team in the league pulls in a consistent 9,000. One can dream though, that one day Hamilton will pack the place anyways and be the first AHL team to out draw the deep south NHL teams.

There is so much focus on Ottawa and TD place with all of the potential sports and entertainment events and sports franchises that Hamilton is not getting much talk in those concerns.
With a new THF and a newly rebranded and upgraded Copps/First Ontario Centre only being 10 minutes apart. I could see a lot of potential for growth and expansion into other sports and hosting some bigger events.

NASL soccer is already part of a bigger plan. THF will allow for both the Men's and Women's National team will be able to make their first appearances in the modern soccer era in North America

What other new sports franchises could grab some support.

With the explosion of basketball players coming out of Toronto and the surrounding areas would an NBL of Canada basketball franchise be in the future at FirstOntario. With mass of basketball players from Canada beginning to come out of the NCAA they will be many who will be looking for pro basketball and not all will make it in the NCAA.
Also would be a destination for what is going to be a very good and popular Mens National basketball team.

Hamilton Nat's MLL pro field Lacrosse are sitting idle due to the World Championships in which Canada has just won gold. Would moving to the more popular NLL indoor game be more popular. Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton all do very well. nearby in upstate NY both Buffalo and Rochester do well also. THF with Ron Joyce as a secondary venue Hamilton could host the World Lacrosse Championships. FirstOntario the NLL all star game.

AHL outdoor classic is a natural for the new THF vs the Marlies. Even Rochester or Albany could be the opponent. I like the idea of having TiCat season ticket holders adding a ticket to the outdoor game. They certainly can use a positive reward after the last two season's. FirstOntario also would be prime for the AHL All Star weekend in Hamilton. A Canada vs USA Women's hockey match up would be a nice draw.

Or with the new management there will be an effort to be made to be creative in shrinking the capacity with a system of blocking off the upper level and highlite the lower bowl of seats giving the illusion of not being so cavernous. BC Place has been able to do it for MLS soccer with the effort put forth. While the BC Lions have the model right there in place but have not put the effort into it.
Global Spectrum obtained management rights and manage many venues. They are there to make money and have the resources and know how to do it. So the Bulldogs now have someone whose goal will be to make the main tenant more popular, profitable, and better game experience for the fans is what will get it done