Tiger-cats @ Alouettes

really is a win win for the Ticat forum, they don't even like me much haha.

and we all know my luck when I make a prediction lol to be fair though I said that score before knowing Grant and Tolli were out AND before KG was brought in.

how about readjusting the numbers a tad?

I'm just teasing you. Your a good kid but I had to laugh at you a bit :lol: . I think Hamilton should win but it will be a war and a close game like most between those two teams.

This will not be a close game. It will be a decisive loss for the Als as the Cats break the Molson Stadium curse and drive what will hopefully be the final nail into Jim Popp's HC coffin.

if by close you mean Hamilton wins by 15 than I agree. :wink:

lets do this. if they win by 14.5 points you don't post for the week. if they don't, I don't for a week. (even Cats fans will be cheering for a close game lol)

or just a signature bet for a week

A week it is :thup:

deal :thup:

Ohh the thrill.....lol. You posters are going to have to come up with something better than a "week"...

How about the loser gets a tattoo of the winner's team's logo.......vbg.

Tattoo's :slight_smile: Now yer talking :rockin: :rockin: Just imagine Hfx sporting this beauty !!! :smiley: :thup:

But of course if ryan does lose the bet,well then I guess he would have to get an Alouettes logo tattoo :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: 8)


id rather not get a picture of road kill on my person thanks :lol:

how about 1 week and 1 month sig bet

A week is fine. BoBo is chiming in let him make his own bet with Johnny or someone else :wink:

Now watch Hamilton win by 35.

winless in Montreal ends Sunday for the Cats.

In spite of all the horrible problems in Montreal. Cats fans sure are quiet this time around. :wink:
They've eaten plenty of crow already this season. This time they are waiting till after the game to come and tell us how invincible their team is :lol: :lol: :lol:

They've lost 2 to the Als when Collaros was healthy and being held up as the MOP front runner by Cats fans. Somehow an inconsistent rookie is going to beat the team their star QB can't? Don't see it happening.

Regina beat Quebec :roll: Nuff Said :cowboy:

That's Zach's baggage which he will correct eventually and when he does... It'll be ugly for the birdmen.


There is no joy in slaughter,
Your O & D is old & out of gas, no QB whatsoever, led by a guy that scouts for USA job opportunities instead of football players.

Its not the crow that is stopping them. I've eaten enough to become rather found of it lol.
It's losing Zach, Grant and Tolli thats holding my people back. But atleast they're not jumping off the Wagon like little Johnny Bedwetter :wink:

Not just by Cats fans. Any reference I saw to the MOP award, by any sportswriter, mentioned just one name.