Tiger-cats @ Alouettes

Gotta be the game of the week, at least from this forum's perspective since the battle between these teams' fans on this forum has gotten extremely entertaining. :rockin:

As an Argonaut fan, I suppose I should cheer for the Alouettes, but since I can't bring myself to do that, I just hope these teams beat up on each other in a highly entertaining battle. Given the QB situation for both teams, I expect a low scoring affair though.

Okay Cats and Als fans, start the trash talking here! :twisted:

You can bet the Cats are coming in angry for this game, dirty birds ruined our streak!.

This will be a statement game for the Cats.

Tigers eat em raw 30-3

in before johnny bedwetter mucks up the thread :thup:

I do not believe that the lowly birds can pull an upset 3 X.

Then again, I am having a bad streak with my predictions.

As for the heated banter. That has not been any contest.

Whatever JohnnyBeBad has tossed, BOBO has tossed back 6 fold.

Fun really.

Rumor, has it that Fantuz and Gable will be back for this game, and by rumor that I mean a tweet from Drew Edwards on Oct 12

#Ticats WR @andyfantuz & RB @CJ_Gable have been removed from the 6-game injured list & are practicing today. #CFL

So, suddenly the Ti-Cats got a second go to receiver for Matthews, a potentially substantial improvement to their running game, oh and

And #Ticats starting right guard @Rbomben is back with the first team offence. #CFL

One more bit of good news for #Ticats fans: @Mr513RicoMurray is practicing as well.

So...yeah those are things that might ruin the Al's day. That said, you can't look past any QB that has SJ Green and Nic Lewis catching for them.

Just a little snack before the playoffs.....Enjoy your off season there Alouettes.... :rockin: :smiley: :rockin: You know the season is officially over when even Wee Little Johnny has thrown in the towel on his team. 8) :lol: Hey Johnny there's still time to board the Ti-Cat express and cheer on a REAL TEAM.....GO CATS GO !!! EAT THOSE DIRTY OLD BIRDS RAW !!! Now let's see ya top that Johnny.....YA BIG CUPCAKE YA !!!! :cowboy:

The Ti-Cats may well be the team to beat in the Grey Cup this year. They are playing awesome football and are an exciting team to watch. Except for a most unfortunate penalty late in last year's Grey Cup the Ti-Cats would be the reigning Grey Cup champions looking to repeat. We may be looking at another Calgary/Hamilton matchup. I think things will be different this Grey Cup. I think Hamilton can beat Calgary.
From here till the end of the season it will be entertaining to see who acts as spoilers as both Calgary and Hamilton vie for a place in the Grey Cup.

I cannot think of anything nicer that would put a bigger smile on Bobo's face. :thup:


I enjoyed the sight of Coach Austin smiling and, clearly pleased with his TiCats. He has the right to smile. He’s a coach who lost one of the best in the CFL and then, out of the blue, he brings in Matthews who is now playing like a winner. Interesting too is his finding these guys from Cornell, his US coaching position. I hope he keeps smiling. Its time to have Hamilton back as a winning franchise.

[i]Yeah right... :roll:

Look Bobo, you've got a groupie! [/i]

[i]Well Bobo, Johnny is aboard the Kitty cat express! Yup, Johnny is rooting for the Ticats to pull off the "Threepeat".

3 consecutive Grey Cup losses!


You can do it Kitty Cats! Johnny believes in you! :smiley: [/i]

[i]Johnny muck up the thread... hey!

Muck you :smiley: [/i]

For the record, I'm neutral in this "friendly" banter between Cats and Larks fans, but Johnny's last one above is deserving of an "Oh snap!"
That was priceless. :rockin:

Looking forward to see the Cats eat the Larks alive this week. :wink:

Welcome aboard Cupcakes !!!! I even took care of your game day attire for ya :thup: THF already has the BOX J BOYS so I figure if ya wear this cool get up we can have a new section called the CUPCAKE BOYS made up of you as the head CHEERLEADING C-CAKE along with all yer little Cupcake Alouette buddies or if ya like you can just call them Johnny's Cupcake Groupies . :smiley: :lol: :rockin:

I'll even throw in your very own personalized Hamilton Lunch Bucket just to show you how welcoming us Cats fans can be :smiley: So I guess we'll see ya all down at the park next game eh Johnny ?? GO CUPS GO....GO CAKES GO... :rockin:

The penalty may or may not have decided. Remember if the TD stood, Cats would have been up by 3. 36 seconds of time left for the Stamps to get a FG and tie. Just saying.

However, I do get the point of your post. The Cats are still good enough to win. Mathews is just going to get better with every game he plays.

Also, neither Stamps or Esks are impressive right now. Argos are great on O but not great on D. Als are good on D but bad on O. To win you need both. Ott looks good on both , but just can not beat the Argos.

That sounds familiar. Oh yeah, everyone was saying that about Cato at the beginning of the season. How's that working out for the Als again?

Your still making predictions !? :lol:

Hamilton in Montreal with no Tolliver or Grant. 30-3 :lol:

Idea: See if Ryan would be willing to make a wager with a point spread of -26.5 against the TiCats. :wink:

How about it Ryan. If your team wins by more than 25 points. I won't post until the season opener 2016. If your team wins by less than 25 points. You don't post under ANY name in the Ticats and CFL forum until season opener next year.

Your gang wants us to shut up...Here is your chance :smiley: Deal ?