Tiger-Cats @ Alouettes Game Thread.

Run em over, boys.

Amen to that! Don’t let them think that the win the last time these two teams played was how the Ticats are going to play this game - and in the EF!

HI ALL, let’s get our week end off to a good start with a major ass kicking. Oh and no injuries. LGTC’s

Tyrell Sutton’s first game against the AllWets. Should be interesting. :slight_smile:

Key to the game - STAY HEALTHY!!!

Get ready to have to change your sig again. lol

Yes do need to stay healthy - especially since our key starters are in the game. Larks resting more of their guys, but they have to play through with no bye.

Not the start we’d like to see but as long as the D gets a stop on Adams and friends quickly, I’m okay with it.

On the other hand maybe we want to lull them into a false sense of security and then hit me hard in the EF.

Larks don’t appear to be going “vanilla” to start anyway. Sure that play caught the D a bit off guard but they’ll settle in when they get a feel for the game.

A lot more film on Adams and Stanback this time, so the defence should be better at stopping them.


Yay #21

Public enemy #1 with the Pick!!


No Stanback in this game - he’s getting another “rest” day and only Johnson is in at RB. Still there’s lots of film on him too.

Only the BEST!!! ;D ;D ;D

I think that pick was dirty, where’s Suitor ?

Well the D’s are up on their game - need to see the O get rolling here but at least Hajrullahu has them pinned deep with that nice punt! Maybe Simoni should go for a pick 6 this time - or any of the other D players!

That should NOT have been a penalty.