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Don’t know a lot about this guy………


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Player Display Name:
Trevon Tate
School: Memphis | Conference: AAC
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6-2.5 / 293 | 40: 5.28 | DRAFT YR:2019

Projected Round
Fundamentally sound lineman who shows ability in motion. Bends his knees, stays square and gets leverage on defenders to seal them from the action. Jolts opponents with violent hand punch, keeps his feet moving and makes good use of angles in pass protection. Quick out to the second level, explosive at the point and easily redirects to opponents. Keeps his head on a swivel and plays smart, aware football.
Must improve the strength of his base. Struggles to finish blocks, even against linebackers. Must place his hands into defenders more consistently.
Tate has the size and style to be used as a zone-blocking guard and should only improve as he physically matures and adds strength to his game.

Summer Scouting


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But can he replace Simoni this week??

Or, Breaux?

A tweet from Tuesday’s practice:

RT .@TSNKyleMelo

Delvin Breaux just went down in practice. He’s holding his back and limping. #Ticats #CFL
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More from practice

geez, tell him a player got stabbed and will play. a little back twang should be nothing.

actually, depending on where the stab is, it can be a lot less of an issue compared to a “back twang”

I have had bad back problems. I will take most stabs anyday

I think Breaux knows more about back problems than any of us ever want to find out.

Uhmm, the guy has pins in his spine from when he broke his neck…