Tiger-Cats Add Six, Release Two, Grant Retires

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed six import players. Receiver Reggie Fish, offensive lineman Marcus Gordon, receiver Burl Toler, defensive back Rodney Van, defensive lineman Jason Vega and linebacker Marlon Williams will take the field for practice today.

The Ticats have also released non-import fullback Andre Sadeghian and import running back Jhamal Fluellen. Veteran receiver Corey Grant has retired.


Guessing there's a numbers issue. Not sure what the maximum number of players allowed at the Rookie Camp is, if there is a maximum. Anyone know? Fluellen, probably a returner candidate, had already arrived at Mac and I'm guessing was "the chosen one" to sit out because he's handy (lives in Buffalo) to come back later when numbers permit. Grant's "retirement" is probably the same. The roster now is 78 + 5 non-counters, 10 more than are allowed at the start of the main camp on Sunday.

I don't think there is a rookie camp limit as this is the few days to evaluate them. The numbers do have to be cut down however to 68 before camp opens. This is case here I would say and more will follow before camp opens.

My thoughts on Fluellen were wrong! The Cats’ Training Camp Blog reports that he failed the medical.

Wonder what happened to A. Jackson 6.5 WR seemed like a hot prospect at the time.


Marlon Williams LB highlights

The Cats expect most of the players they invite
to rookie camp to make it to the main camp.

Obie said there are a few players at rookie camp
who had some time last year with the team

after the final NFL cuts and were kept
on the expanded practice roster last year.

Ike Brown was one of them today.

By June 5th CFL teams must reduce their rosters to 68 players
...except for the non-counters and it gets complicated from there.

Let Drew...errrr....the CFL explain it to you


Cutdown days and non counters

There's always questions about when training camp cuts are and how the roster is composed - the issue of non-counters always confuses people. Luckily, the CFL sent out this handy-dandy primer that I now share with you...

Prior to 11:59pm EDT on Saturday June 5, CFL teams must reduce their rosters to 68 players, plus non-counters. Training camps officially open on Sunday, June 6

Non-counters include players selected in the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft, two additional non-imports, players selected in a previous draft by the Club that have never attended a professional training camp in Canada or elsewhere and any junior player.

The two (2) additional non-imports must adhere to one of the following guidelines:

  • Players who have graduated from junior football and are within the club's territorial rights

  • current year draft eligible player who was undrafted

  • player who had been eligible for the preceding year's draft or one who may have been treated as a non-counter in the previous year's camp, provided that he has not participated in a CFL regular season or post-season game

Final cut-down date: As of 3:00 PM EDT, Thursday, June 24, 2010, teams are required to reduce its roster of players under contract to 46 active players (excluding nine-game and one-game injured)