Tiger-Cats Add Four


I Love the Michael Carter signing.

Is Carter a Non-Import?
It says he is from Windsor but does not designate as N/I

Just checked his Bio.
He is a N/I

Someone else planning on getting injured? Either that or there's a trade in the wind, 'cause we're at 47 on the active roster again.

Definitely good to see another couple of DBs being brought in, especially with Carter being a non-import.

It does, however, introduce a problem with names on the jerseys with two M. Carters. And when was the last time any team had so many players sharing last names? Grant x3, Carter x3, Smith x3, Brown x2, Johnson x2 - Did I miss any?

We are loaded with Grants. :thup:

As per CFL transactions of today, Stephenson is transferred to injury list, till July 7,2011.


He was the top ranked DB in this years draft and went 19th overall to BC.

While the players, and even most of us fans, were enjoying a day off from the stress and excitement of the end of camp and cutdown day some folks were obviously quite busy. Nice work Obie and staff!

Top ranked DB, Great signing!!

We need some Non Import Bodies .. :thup:

Definitely a great DB, this was the one area I was worried about.


Darn those sudden nagging day-to-day injuries. :wink:

I thought we had too many RBs on the active roster anyway.

Actually, I don't think Stephenson "suddenly" got "injured" as he has sat out recent practices and the second preseason game due to injury according to what Drew posted here on June 20th: http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... n-cfl.html

And according to what he posted here today: http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... ctice.html

And I see that Michael Carter and Michael Grant were among the last players to be cut by their respective teams. We had open spots on our PR, was wondering who'd fill them. Players who are among a team's final cuts can sometimes turn out well, as we saw when we brought in a certain KR/RB who was cut by the Riders around this time last year. I'm not saying another Thigpen was out there, of course. Just saying that castoffs from other teams might be worth a look.

I don't mean to pick on you, CFO, but since you asked, we have two players who share the surname of Williams: Chris and Renauld.

That does explain why we didn't see him in the Als game - was wondering about that. But why wait until now to put him on IR?

And I KNEW I had missed one. Thanks. What an odd coincidence, that many players with same names.

I was wondering the same thing. But I haven't heard much about the injury that he has or if he might be able to play again soon.

At practice today, Daryl was not in full equipment, leading me to believe he is actually injured


When I saw Kyle Exume, RB, I expected a runningback, not a special teams specialist. One thing, though, is I really hope his ST coach gave him the green light to track the returner, because otherwise, the guy has trouble staying in his lane.

That said, wow. Great pursuit by the guy.

Carter is an interesting player. He is a cornerback with the usual speed and quickness that the position demands but he never saw the field at Maryland. Duane Forde rated him highly on his raw ability. He will be a project, in my opinion. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

With Ivan Brown plucked from the Als' P.R., now the Cats have 3 Browns (including 2 I. Browns), 3 Carters (including 2 M. Carters), 3 Grants, 3 Smiths, 2 Johnsons (no jokes please), and 2 Williamses. Hopefully the cost of first initials on jersey backs does not count under the SMS.