Tiger-Cats Add Four To Offence

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed import receiver Aaron Kelly, import running back Glenn Milner, import offensive lineman Brian Simmons and import receiver Chris Williams.

For more info: Ticats Add Four On Offence – Hamilton Tiger-Cats

To watch GM Bob O'Billovich's reaction to these signings: http://www.ticats.ca/video/index/id/17421

Quite the extremes at WR. Aaron Kelly at 6-5, 195, and Chris Williams at 5-9, 155. Notable was Williams' high school state championship at 200m and high jump. Not bad, given his height. That leaping ability could come in handy bringing down passes.

Based on his size, Glenn Milner looks like another hybrid RB/FB, similar to Daryl Stephenson. If he's got speed, he could be dangerous. (Dare I say, another Jesse? Hopefully without the injury issue [knock wood].) And a big target over the middle

Milner looks like a quicker Cory Boyd and a sign that the team isnt content to just hope for the best with Avon.

Provided the rumours are true that MCDaniel has been shopped around this offseason , Aaron Kelly, with a great camp, might stir things up at that spot.

I think we should take it easy on the comparisons......

Right. Meant Boyd body-type.

Like Aaron Kelly, just don’t see him fitting into the offense without somebody moving.As said above, McDaniel’s been shopped around, perhaps he’ll be moved in the coming weeks.If so I hope it’s for a N/I OL or an import DB that can start or at least compete.

I’ m still waiting for them to add another QB! (one with alot of potenial) :cowboy:

Jamarcus russell to Hamilton? :lol:

I woulder if Still on our Neg List

Russell was last year

Who cares.......he's too busy drinking codeine syrup.