Tiger Cats Add Canadians To D Line

Well...two new non-imports... don't know much about them... except they're from good football schools... probably training camp bodies... may stick on Special Teams... one is from Palestine...I hear we're getting a new stadium.

How's everyone else's off-season going? Sick of it yet? When does training camp start?

We'll see, they might pan out.

What's this about a new stadium anyways? :cowboy:

Ockham: Really? Where will it be built? :lol:

Where to build the new stadium? I don’t know…West Harbour would help redevelop the area, but a little secluded for the corporate sponsors and parking/traffic would be a nightmare. Along the QE would be easily accessible and visible. Please not up the Mountain somewhere, like around the airport. Aldershot might be best, although not technically in Hamilton…unless Hamilton invades :slight_smile:

I’m so hurting for football I actually watched five minutes of Arena League the other night.

Dalloul is being looked at heavily as a ST product, Gilbert is being looked at to see wether he can take the job of Kirk or Reid or back one up those two up.Jermaine Reid is average with everything he does, DL and ST so i'd really like to see someone take his spot on the roster, of course they'd have to earn it first.