[i]The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Monday that the football club has acquired international defensive back Khalid Wooten, and fifth (38th overall) and sixth (47th overall) round picks in the 2017 CFL Draft from the Montreal Alouettes in exchange for international running back Cierre Wood, international defensive end Denzell Perine, and fifth (39th overall) and sixth (48th overall) round picks in the 2017 CFL Draft.

Wooten, 27, suited up in two games with the Alouettes in 2016, posting five defensive tackles and an interception. The 5-11, 200-pound native of San Bernardino, California, was selected by the Tennessee Titans in the sixth round, 202nd overall, in the 2013 National Football League Draft. He spent three seasons with the Titans (2013-15), dressing in three games in 2014. Prior to turning pro, Wooten played four seasons at the University of Nevada, Reno (2009-12), appearing in 51 games with 25 starts and registering 158 tackles, 10 interceptions, 29 passes defended, five forced fumbles, one quarterback sack and four tackles for loss.[/i]

Drew Edwards?Verified account @scratchingpost 6m6 minutes ago
Wooten started two games at the tail end of last season for #AlsMTL Wood & Perine were both at #Ticats mini-camp.

Can somebody please tell Austin that he does not have to dress a defense consisting of only import DB's?

If you don't have pressure from the front 4, the db's can not cover for an extensive period of time. I hope this Wooten kid is a baller!

Chick(14 sacks), Laurent(8sacks) and Tracy(7sacks,2int's) say Hi. :wink:

Grover, How do your sack numbers compair to the other teams in 2016. Are far as I am concerned the pressure was not enough to assist the pass coverage. I hope the new DC can create unpredictable pressure and create more sacks and pressures that turn in to picks.

I see nothing wrong with casting a wide net to find improved talent for one of the weakest parts of the team from last year. It's not like they're going to keep all these guys. I see the trade for Wooten as a signal that not enough of the DBs at mini camp impressed the Cats.

Ask and you shall receive:

BC 52
CGY 52
HAM 50
MTL 47
OTT 42
TOR 38
WPG 35
EDM 33
SSK 29

Thanks Fenderguy

Are there Canadian DB's that can run one on one with import receivers? With few exceptions Canadian DB's are at safety.

Wooten has some size at 5'11" 200lbs, could he also compete at our vacant SAM LB position?

I listened to Marsh and Tatti yesterday, the first hour(3 til 4) of every show starting yesterday is now devoted to TiCats talk. :thup:

Marsh brought up a good point on the Wooten trade
He started 2 games for MTL and played well, that may seem like not much, but our game at DB is much different than NCAA and NFL. 1 of the games was against us so they saw exactly what he can do in a game situation and they must have liked what they saw.( in those 2 games he had 5 tackles and an INT)
We moved 2 players we probably were going to release and got a player with experience in the CFL's rules, width of field, pre snap movement and some CFL game film at a position we needed help in.
No, he will not be replacing Kanneh or Emanuel Davis. but, he could be a solid backup with some experience.
I like this acquisition, 2 thumbs up :thup: :thup:

Wooten s'est bien débrouillé pour le peu qu'il a joué à Montréal l'an dernier. Il sera un substitut fiable. Difficile de dire ce qu'il pourrait donner comme partant, puisqu'il a à peine joué.

With all those DB in camp we had to trade for one of the Al's :roll: :cowboy:

Think about it this way , the less DB's the Als have the better it is for us . :slight_smile:

La tertiaire des Alouettes fonctionnera bien avec ou sans Wooten. Il n’y a aucun gain sur ce plan. Là où Tillman a encore eu le dessus sur Reed, c’est dans les choix au repêchage.

English, English.............

Canada has two official languages. Why don't you take a few seconds and use Google Translation in future to respond to French posts.

Some people just lack the intellectual curiosity . I try my grade 13 French skills first but more often than not I go to the translation. Speaking more than one language helps to keep an old mind sharp. In a related matter, I see that Duane Forde has shown an interest in the commissioner's job. He was qualified to teach high school French in Ontario. :smiley:

Pat Lynch( the old guy)

English Translation of LeStaf's post :

Alouettes work well with or without Wooten . There is no gain in this area . Where Tillman still got the best of Reed in draft picks .

Agreed LeStaf . This trade was basically outside of the switching up of draft picks nothing more than the swapping out of spare parts by both teams . Woods and Perine were obviously not in our future plans and not likely to make the team anyways . The same could probably be said about Wooten and the Alouettes .

Niagara Als Canada does have two official languages for Government Services. This website is not a government service. Your Alouette friend responded in English before so what's the issue? Don't bully me to do something I am not prepared or wiling to do.