Tiger-Cats 2011 Award Nominees Announced

Justin Hickman has been nominated as the Ticats Most Outstanding Player and Most Outstanding Defensive Player.
Dave Stala has been named the team’s Most Outstanding Canadian.
Peter Dyakowski earned the Ticats Most Outstanding Lineman nomination
Receiver/returner Chris Williams picked up the team’s nomination as Most Outstanding Rookie
The Ticats Most Outstanding Special Teams Player is kicker/punter Justin Medlock

Who do you think has a chance at representing the East and/or winning outright?

Have to think Chris Williams has a good shot at winning East Rookie of the year, if not CFL rookie.

I think Dyakowski has a shot at winning East Lineman of the year. Nobody on Toronto was really any good and Winnipeg's Line struggled all year.

I have a feeling Medlock is going to get ripped off in favour of Sean Whyte, but Medlock is clearly the better kicker if you ask me.

Stala surprises me, I think if Hinds had of played these last few games he would be our MO Canadian.

Hick should get consideration for Eastern DPOY but will likely lose to Odell Willis

Congratulations to all the nominees. If this season is judged a success it will be the team came together so I don't see any particular individual stars this year.

Odell Willis is not even nominated. Justin Hickman could be nominated for defensive player,but I say Jovon Johnson. Chris Williams will be the only final Easter nominee.

Chris Williams will be the Easter representative as rookie and win over Jc Sherritt.


My fault, the bombers nominated Jovon Johnson for Defensive player. I had just assumed it would be Odell Willis

I think Williams will win the rookie award in the East and for the league. His only real competition is Denmark from Winnipeg. If Williams get the East nom, he'll win the award.

Medlock should get the East nom for Special Teams, but I could see that going to Sean Whyte. Medlock has been better than Whyte, so hopefully the voters will see that. He'd likely loss the league award to McCallum.

Hickman could get the nom for Defensive Player (Calvillo will get it for MOP), but he's in tough with Cox and Johnson. That was is a toss up for me. If he gets it, he could easily win the league award. Probably the toughest category to choose.

Maybe Dyakowski gets the East nom for O-Lineman because the field is not that strong. But O-Linemen awards are always difficult to judge.

Stala could also get it for Canadian, but he will be judged not by what others have done, but by his own season last year. Less receptions and yards, though more TDs, probably means the nomination goes to someone else. I don't know who that will be, but I don't think it will be him.

Congrats to all the players chosen. Usually they become Eastern All Stars and perhaps Williams will go on to represent the Cats as Eastern Rookie. Peter has had his best year yet but probably an Al or Bomber will be chosen because of our third place finish. :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)