Tiger Cats 2008 CFL Player Awards

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CHRIS THOMPSON / Defensive Back

Most Outstanding Player and Most Outstanding Defensive Player

RAY MARIUZ / Linebacker Most Outstanding Canadian

MARWAN HAGE / Centre Most Outstanding Lineman

NICK SETTA / Kicker/Punter

Most Outstanding Special Teams Player


Most Outstanding Rookie


With our bad record, how many of these guys
will get the chance to represent the East?

Probably only Nick Setta.

If anyone, I would think Prechae would have the best chance for rookie of the year in the East. He's going up against Larry Taylor, Brendan Labatte, and Kenny Heatley. All great players, but IMHO, Prechae has it all over him. Especially if he eclipses 1000 yards in his first year.

Calvillo will get Eastern MOP. Media loves that guy.
Cahoon will get Canadian award. Media loves that guy too. Mariuz has no chance (is he really our best canadian?)
Brown will get Defensive player, because he won't get Canadian. Thompson SHOULD get the nom though.
Goodspeed for O-linemen. Hage is good but won't get it.
Dorsey will get special teams. But Setta could challenge, based ONLY on his punting average.

For the west:
Canadian- Paris Jackson
Defensive- Wake
O-line - I don't know... Makowsky????
Rookie- very tough to pick... I go with Dressler
Special teams - DeAngelis

Prechae (my only pick from Hamilton for Eastern nom), will not get CFL Rookie of the Year, based purely on the fact that his team has an awful record.

P-Rod should win Rookie in the East, Setta has a shot at special teams and Thompson has a shot at defensive player.

none of them will beat the West for the Awards ..

As much as I like Thompson and recognize his solid efforts he has no chance beating Cameron Wake for Defensive Player of the Year. Prechae has the best shot at upsetting either Logan from BC or Dressler from the Riders. It may all come down to the final games this weekend.

When it's all said and done...

Calvillo will be the Outstanding Player
Cahoon Outstanding Canadian
Wake Outstanding Defensive Player
Logan Rookie Of The Year
Lazeo Outstanding O-Lineman
Smart Special Teams

The voters like a nice mix of players from the best teams...this should suffice.

Not sure what the coaches see in Marwan Hage. He is one of the problems on the O Line along with the other 3 human turnstyles. I realy hate to be negative but a spade is a spade and the O Line is absolutely pathetic.

George Hudson was our best O-lineman.

Rodriguez will be the East Rep. in the rookie category.

I agree with Tom...I think the West will sweep the awards this year. Rightfully so.

Who's numbers do you like better of the below East/West nominee's?

73 catches 1149 yards 7 TDs-17 games


105 catches 1,203 yards 7TDs-16 games

Ben Cahoon is the guy with 105 catches.
He had 32 catches for 360 yards against the Cats this year.
Oh and did I mention he missed one game with injury, and yes it was against the Cats!

No wonder I hate that guy. :twisted:

B.P.P should get represent the east, but I don't think he'll beat out the Western candidate (he should, but he probably won't)

There is no way that Wake shouldn't win the MOP award. That guys has more sacks than our whole team..lol. He's an animal.

No way Setta gets the nod over Dorsey.