Tiger-Cat Video Complete!!!

Here is the video I made...


Hope you liked my video please let me know what you thought of it.

I enjoyed that very much.

Hope to see more or your work as the season goes on.


YES SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Say GB you gotta holla at me on PM about your work..


Thanks Great Work ..
I hope it Pumps the Guys up..

Hey I'm glad you guys liked it the video quality isn't great but it was still alright.

Well done. Your effort is appreciated :thup:

Thanks KiwiCanuck

Now I will be working on individual player Highlights so if anyone could help me out by recording games and sending them to me it would be greatly appreciated. If not I'll just have to try and find a way to record them myself.

I have a Jesse Lumsden video in the works and I'll also be working on other Tiger-Cats players.

First I would like to know who else should I make a video of?

Corry Holmes

I'll make the videos over the course of the season and release them as I complete them.

Onknight, The Gardner clip you want I would have to cut it out and then add it all by its self. So its almost not worth the time but if Talman Gardner plays well this season I will make one of him and add that in there.

Bonds Thanks
As you can See I got it
I wanted to make New Sig with George Not playing
as you can see I finished it..

If Talman plays well
Makes it thought the season.
I'll keep it..
if not back to sig Drawing Board..

Alright, Well it looks good I didn't know you could do that with your sig.

great job

Nice selection of pics and clips.

Good stuff man!

wow that just got me even more excited for tonights game and i was already PUMPED


With the Right Tools it can be done.
It is Really an Animated Gif File


here's a tip for all people whjo want to make these sports highlight videos. lose the music. sports highlights are ALWAYS MUCH MORE EXCITING AND INTERESTING ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS when you use the original commentary and crowd noises. NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER substitute music for original commentary. i cannot possibly stress this point enough.

Just a Preview of whats to come!


I hope you enjoyed it...

Let me know.

We should have a permanent forum that posts Homemade CFL vids.

The CFL shouldn't be upset about duplicating their product, it is great exposure.

Ya I hear ya on that one. I'm just making highlight videos to have fun. So I don't think there is a problem with it but if I was selling them then I could see the CFL's problem.