Tiger-Cat uniform choice for Sunday....your preference ?

I know, I know.....who cares, just win right?.....

Having said that,( because I know some will ) :wink: , what uniform would you prefer our Tiger-Cats wear for the upcoming "Rumble in the Jungle" on Sunday.....?

myself?.....I'd love it if they came out of the tunnel wearing what they did on Labour Day ......with our current black helmets though

here's a few photos to illustrate:

[url=http://abeautifulnightforfootball.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/DeAndra-Cobb.jpg]http://abeautifulnightforfootball.com/b ... a-Cobb.jpg[/url]

Photo Credit to:

Ron Scheffler


go back to the 1999 jerseys

I would like to see the retro jerseys. If not, the gold jerseys, black pants.

All black.

I loved the retro-unis.

The look the Cats used between the mid-80s to before the tiger face shoulder uniforms of the late 90s will always be how I think the Cats should look. Notwithstanding the switch from gold to black helmets in the mid-80s, the Cats essentially sported the same look from the mid 60s to mid 90s. Its classy, minimalist and professional.

I think a return to this uniform on a more permanent basis is in order.

Whatever uniforms the Cats can win in will be fine

The fact there is a choice is the bothersome thing.

Retros would be sick

I'd like yellow jerseys and black pants.

All Black

The 1999 Uniforms would be perfect.

They won the Cup that year in Spectacular fashion.

Lets do it again.

Black jersey gold panta


It's the best look, and we all have heard about the record with the gold pants.

They are going to wear black on black. To me that just looks doesn't look right. It just looks plain and dirty, with no flash.


what she said!! :thup: :thup:

Black Jerseys

Gold Pants

As close to the good ol' days as we can get.... seeing as how we auctioned off the sweaty gold helmets!

Gold Jersey Black Pants

whatever it takes to win :cowboy:

all black
yeah baby!

All Black.

All black.


In fact,the retro's should become the real uniform and the abominations the Cat's usally wear should be a rare alternate from now on!

And dump those pukey gold things!!!