Tiger-Cat TV commercial during draft

I love Tiger-Cats commercials the odd time I've seen them over the years, but the one I just saw on TSN during the draft left me scratching my head. I'm left wondering how that segment would sell tickets, or anything for that matter. To me, there was nothing exciting, intriguing nor funny about it. (shrug) Oh well.


Hey Cap....
No better or worse than the majority of commercials to my eyes. Looks like they are going after the 35-45 male demographic who likes convenience. Cheap to make too.

I kind of like it, too bad we'll probably have an unmotivated wimp calling out our players rather than Jason Farr this year.. Sigh...

Ever think that since you already buy tickets and support the team that you're past the point of being sold on an ad. I personally don't think the ad was all that special but I have certainly seen much better from the team.

My fav. ads are the eat em raw ones from the early 90's.

The Spot has been CHCH for past week
it is very funny

Not sure whats wrong with he commercial...

You actually liked Farr? If you like that obnoxious style of announcing I suggest you attend wrestling and monster truck events.

I'm wondering if JR Diggs is going to be the new announcer this year.

I liked Jason Farr as well, I'll miss his enthusiasm.

As well as his mis-pronounciations and funny yet odd nicknames he gives players. :thup:

Yeah I did like Farr.He intro'd the players in a way that got everyone on their feet, he was the voice of hardcore, hard hitting football and that's what Hamilton's all about.Leave the businessman like announcers to Toronto.

Are you saying there is something wrong with watching wrestling or monster trucks? I don't attend monster truck rallies, but I do like wrestling, and I don't think that is anything to be ashamed of. Farr was a very good PA announcer. It's not like he was calling the games.

Besides, a guy like Gus Johnson (who displays that over-the-top announcing you seem to dislike) is beloved amongst younger viewers, which is the type of fan the team should be attempting to attract to eventually replace the older fans. There is nothing wrong with displaying enthusiasm. I appreciate it. Better than the robotic voice I hear when I attend games at the building formerly known as the SkyDome.

It also seems as if I should go back to my non-posting/non-reading of this forum as the negativity still reigns supreme. I have never seen so much bickering occur amongst a fanbase. We all root for the same team, yet it seems like we are incapable of having civilized conversations with another. Every thread still seems to devolve into bashing one another's likes or dislikes. Oh well. shrugs

Gus Johnson is the best play by play man around. :thup: :thup:

Edit: I shouldnt say the best, Brad Nessler and Joe Buck still have the best voices. But Gus Johnson's level of enthusiasm and excitement definitely make him one of my favourites.

Blue Jays Craptors and Leafs promos don't make want to buy tickets. Enough said.

Enthusiasm and obnoxiousness are two very different things.

No I do not have anything against wresting or monster trucks but am also not a fan of them at all. My point was simply that the announcers are very obnoxious.

The good ones are supposed to be enthusiastic and in your face.Take Rick Jeanneret.Buffalo Sabres radio announcer, some think he's the most annoying announcer on the planet while many think he's the greatest announcer in the game today.I personally think he's the greatest hockey announcer.As mentioned above Gus Johnson is another great example.See, most people that hate Jason Farr have the same complaint that he's too loud and the speakers hurt your ears.Well i've sat pretty much everywhere in the stadium and I can tell u a good %45 of the stadium is on an absolutely terrible angle for the speakers.Most of the stadium get's perfect sound well the rest echo's and it's way too loud.You can't really pin that on Farr, it's just a crappy system.Also, he's not the only guy in the world to ever mispronounce a name.I mean, I still have trouble with Jykine Bradley and Jason Jiminez.

I thought it was a good one. Those who I chatted with in the chat room made available during the draft also liked it. To me, the point that it made was that this team is very much a part of this community. I found it interesting how about 11 seconds into the video, "AM 900" clearly appeared on the radio, making it also seem like an ad for CHML.

After this and the partnership with Mark Hominick, I have to say that this organization does well when it comes to marketing.

I actually thought it was cute. I got the same message about being a part of the community. Your "home" team and all that.

And that commercial is getting some positive feedback here: http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/17361

I'm looking forward to seeing the next commercials to be posted there. That was referred to as "Ticats Season Seat Holder TV Commercial #1" and so I expect some other ones to be there soon.