Tiger-Cat Team Ring

Have you, or anyone you know, ever purchased the Hamilton Tiger-Cat Team Ring that was in today's Spectator from the Bradford Exchange? It looks nice in the paper, but, sometimes pictures are deceiving!

[url=http://www.bradfordexchange.ca/mcategory/jewellery-and-watches_8566/cfl.html]http://www.bradfordexchange.ca/mcategor ... 6/cfl.html[/url]

There is Tiger-Cats Fan Jewelry at the link below that is pretty cool. Jostens is the company that does the Grey Cup Rings.
A great idea for Christmas :thup:

[url=http://www.intergoldltd.com/products.aspx?Prog_ID=008533&Menu_ID=26&Sub_Menu_ID=2]http://www.intergoldltd.com/products.as ... _Menu_ID=2[/url]

Thanks tc23!

You're right ... they are really nice too!

Yes I have and they are large,well crafted and a nice piece and don't cost to much.All the best and have a nice Christmas fellow Cat Fan-John. :smiley:

I’d take one of the watches but they don’t seem to have a Ti-cats version …

i’m not really a ring kind of guy tho my wedding ring is enough

CFL Chairs with all the logos on various chairs. A great idea for the X-mas. :thup:

[url=http://www.xzipit.com/preview/bar-stool/cfl/cfl-logo.html]http://www.xzipit.com/preview/bar-stool ... -logo.html[/url] [url=http://www.xzipit.com/build-a-chair/bar-stool/cfl/hamilton-tiger-cats]http://www.xzipit.com/build-a-chair/bar ... tiger-cats[/url]

They had two different styles of watches at the Tiger cat store at Lime Ridge. These had the Cats logo on them. Nice, I think. Taste is subjective though...