Tiger Cat Lights

So twenty years ago I was given these Ticat lights and I’ve never used them. Just put one a tree for 2 minutes when I got them back then and then just now for a pic. My sweetie has ideas about Christmas trees and I don’t have a suitable back patio on which to use them.

There are 24 of them. You supply the light string. They have a hole in top in which to insert light.

Do you know somebody - maybe you - that would love these (I presume) rarities as a Christmas present? Perhaps you want to give a present to The Caretaker???

PM me and make an offer. Proceeds will go to local food bank. NOTE: ! I live in south Cambridge and am hoping somebody is close enough to want to arrange a pick up. If I could find the right size box I suppose I could mail. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not to diminish your sale but I have a similar dilemma . Do I keep my dart board with pictures of CFL and NFL officials . It has at least 1000 holes in it but it’s still good :laughing:


Jeepers, and here I was all excited for a Tiger-Cat version of “Friday Night Lights”… lol

Mark, I do believe that they would be excellent as patio lanterns


They basically just took the Steelers one and swapped the logo. :laughing:

There was a time when the team wore used Steelers pants and equipment.


Egbert has some great experience with that…

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