Tiger-Cat head coaches - the next gig

I was just thinking about the careers of Austin, and Cortez, and Bellefeuille ...

It occurred to me that I couldn't recall a recent Ticat head coach who went on to other professional head coaching jobs. Assistant coaching, yes. College, sure. But resurfacing as a head coach or even GM (a natural career progression) elsewhere in the CFL or NFL? I think you might need to go all the way back to Frank Kush in 1981, who left to become head coach of Baltimore in the NFL.

In contrast, defensive coordinator for the Cats seems like a great springboard to bigger and better things.

Not sure things got better for Marshall, who didn't even last a season in SSK and is now back as a DC in Edmonton. I think it's pretty normal for HCs not to make lateral moves. Coaches are hired to be fired, right? Unless you're a CFL legend like Wally Buono, you generally aren't going to be fired from one HC gig and resurface immediately in another HC gig. What tends to happen is the fired HC has to take a step back career-wise (as Cortez has done in SSK).