Tiger-Cat gold

Anyone ever noticed just how many shades of Tiger-Cat "gold" there are that have been worn? There's the straight gold, another shade that has a lot of orange in it, and another that seems yellowy to me on the newer uniforms. There's a big range. What do you think is "true" Tiger-Cat gold?

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That is from the uniform on the front cover of "Garney Henley: A Gentleman And A Tiger" and worn by the man himself.

I have applied the gold for my Ticat all-star team in Madden 2004 -- it is reminiscent of the gold I recall the team wearing as a boy growing up, particularly the early 1970s teams.

The other "golds" are yellows with snuck into the uniform in part because the claim was the gold I mentioned was difficult to replicate in newsprint photo processes of that time, and yellows were deemed more photogenic. Also the surplus Steelers pants of the mid-1990s attained by the team added to the yellow changes...

Oski Wee Wee,