Tiger-Cat Game Balls

Well since we did something we havnt dont in a long time last night (win) i decided to do something we havnt dont in a while... Game Balls!

OFFENCE: DJ Flick (6-114 TD)

How could the 1st 100 yard game from a receiver this year not get a game ball? The second catch was amazing but the TD was equally impressive. DJ played hard, played hurt and made plays... something that we've been DESPERATE for all season.

Worth Mentioning: Jason Maas


Tay was everywhere, came up with the big fumble recovery to win the game, intercepted a pass on the 2 pt conversion attempt. Played safety and was good coverage, and as always he played physical on the Edmonton receivers.

Worth Mentioning: Clinton Wayne, Sam Young


Perhaps we've found a full-time returner and next year we can rotate Lumsden, Hill or whoever back there with him... its a good problem to have. Now dont ruin it by making him a receiver.

Worth Mentioning: Ray Mariuz (Big surprise), Phillip Gauthier

Congrats on a great win! Surprized you consider Mariusz a surprize! He has been steady on special teams the whole season; one of the few to play hard, even when lady luck wasn’t on your side.

Would be nice if you could slink into Commonwealth and scoop one from there too!

i think it was a wee bit sarcastic.... ie went to buffalo the other day, whole lotta americans down there (big surprise) etc etc

Good choices, I'd switch up Tay Cody for Sam Young this week though. I think Tay is great and he's been a rock on this D all year, but I think Young really deserves some recognition. He deserved that INT because he's worked so hard for it. He's impressed me with his "never let up" attitude. Other than that I'd agree with all of your choices. I do have to say that based on the performance of Wayne and Gauthier we finally won a trade :smiley: Montreal got robbed.

Edit: I'd also add Tad Korneguay and Steve Josue to worth mentioning.

I was being sarcastic :wink:

Ray has been awesome on Special Teams all year.

Fleming is worth mentioning too.

True. His punting has really improved over the last few games. I'm impressed. On a side note, I found it funny that both RB's were named Davis and both Punters were named Fleming. It could have been very confusing lol

It did get confusing while I was multitasking with the radio on.

I suggest a hometown flavour rename of our guys.

Flemming to: Flemmigino

Davis to: Davisoski

Not confusing… they’re brothers from different mothers.

Other than that, I think that honourary balls should be given to Reed and the Professor, for bringing this team much closer to respectability.

And I meant that in the nicest way possible, because when I read it, it sounded, er, nasty.

I’ll go along with this :thup: …but Maas was not good at all :thdn: …less than average at best! His receivers made him look “OK”, and saved his butt!

that game had “Loss” all over it in the second half if not for the great play of the “D”, and the great play of the special teams! Let’s face facts here!