Tiger Cat Flashback for Old Guys

I thought I’d share this Tiger Cat team photo I discovered in it’s frame at a nearby thrift store last week. I’m not sure where the Tiger Cats sold their own fan merchandise back then, but it appears to be in the original frame it was sold in to a tiger Cat fan more than 45 years ago. (photo exposed = 10 in. X 7 1/2 in.)

Anyone care to be the first to identify the year of this team and what was special about the year it represents?
Hint - I’d love to be going into the playoffs this year with players with the reputation of several of these guys.

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  • the year the defeated the Buffalo Bills?

1965 Grey Cup champions

Is that Joe Zuger, top row, second from left? Maybe a rookie? Is that Hal Patterson next to him, first in the row? And how young Grant, Faloney, Barrow and Mosca look, while poor Garney and Karz with the balding heads look like a grizzled veterans.

I’d guess early sixties as well. Great picture, thanks!

I’m now saying 1963. Faloney was injured in 1963 and Cosintino and Zuger shared the QB role. Zuger was a db up until Faloney’s injury. Faloney was traded by 1965.

And… what made that team special? ;D

I’m having trouble coming up with Joe Zugers sweater number in the photo. Anybody out there with a better memory? :slight_smile:

Is this the team that made the big comeback win over Tobin Rote and the Argos? Coming back to tie in regulation, and win in overtime?

I’m pretty sure it’s 1963.

It can’t have been 1961. Bob Krouse is in the picture, #14 over on the far left, and his first year was 1963.

That sure looks like Joe Zuger up in the back. He started in 1962. It’s strange that his sweater number isn’t #9 in the picture. I can’t explain it, but I’m quite sure that’s him. I was thinking maybe it’s 1962 and he didn’t yet have #9, but that can’t be it because of Krouse.

What was special about 1963? Well, it was Ralph Sazio’s first season as head coach, and we beat BC to win the Grey Cup, in Vancouver, with the controversial Mosca hit on Fleming. I’m sure there are other things.

I agree it’s the '63 team.
The jerseys with just gold, as the one contrasting colour on the sleeves, above the elbows, were used just one year, or maybe even just part of that one year.
That is Patterson and that is Zuger, who appears to be wearing a jersey, numbered in the 70’s. Nobody in the photo is wearing a single digit, which once was the norm, and yet, in the '63 Grey Cup game,

Zuger was playing DB and wearing #9 in a white jersey with black being the one contrasting colour on the upper sleeves.

Hey, what about us “Old Gals”? :slight_smile: I remember that game well; we were living in Montreal then next door to a couple from B.C. The day of the game I was over there watching, the only Ti-cat fan in a room full of B.C. fans; and the only happy person at the end of the game.

1962 fog bowl

I knew it was definitely either '63 or '64 and couldn’t differentiate as all the players I remember I’m pretty sure played on both. Looks like Grover’s pic confirms '63. The only special things I remember from that year were: we won the cup in Empire stadium; Angie took Willy Fleming out of the game with a very controversial hit at the sidelines to become the most hated player west of the Great Lakes; and the two game total points final was essentially over after game one which we won in Ottawa something like 45 to nothing.

Yeah my guess was 1963 also, based on the same Bob Krouse connection. He played from 1963 to 1975 . I still have a copy of 1963 Grey Cup game that is on VHS, having been copied from the original kinescope , courtesy of Elly Kelly .

It is truly amazing how stevehvh, ottawacat, grover ,et al, have such vivid memories of the TiCat glory years . The interesting thing about watching these old games is not just the plays but the commercials are a hoot !

This thread just made my day after returning home from the dentist . ;D ;D ;D

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


1963 Grey Cup winners.

Now all that remains is to determine what number Joe Z is wearing in the pic.

PS Nice autograph pic, Grover!

By the way, I’m pretty sure it was '62 that Faloney was injured and Zuger played that year as a rookie. I don’t think he played much if at all in "63.

Zuger looks like he’s wearing Gord Christian’s old number 72 .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Yeah, Joe wore his (un)usual (for the time) single digit #9 in the Fog Bowl in 1962. In that '63 pic, I guess it must have been in the laundry when the photographer showed up.

I’m guessing #79