Tiger-Cat Fight Song

I see in a post about the Canada Anthem , some of you mentioned how nice it would be to have a fight song.

Well , every team has them. Sadly , other than when the Lions score a TD these are not played anymore.

Cats fans you do have an official song.


I invite you to go to this website:


That is argonotes NOT argonauts

All the team songs are there.

I am a fan of Aussie Football and they play their team songs when both teams come on to the field.

I wish they would start doing that again here in the CFL for the home teams.

"We love those Cats..."

Unfortunately, this generation probably doesn't like the tune. It IS rather old school.

Thanks for the info, brihind88. I think thats a great idea - who do we email at the CFL aboot this idea?

I actually have the entire song committed to memory. Unfortunetly, they don’t play it after games anymore. :cry:

Good question, I think each team would need to take the initiative and just play their own songs.

If the teams had not stopped, they would still be popular.

I know ROAR YOU LIONS ROAR is still used after TD’s and very popular.

Here in Calgary, they would play YE MEN OF CALGARY up to about 95, then stopped.

In the 80’s I remember going to the LD games against the Esks dynasty and Eskimos fans would sing THE ESKIMO FIGHT SONG.

They were fun and catchy. Not sure why they stopped.