TIGER CAT FANS- watch tonights Bombers/Als game

Next coach for the Cats might be in the lineup tonight.

Chris Jones for Montreal. He is on the list of candidates and will either run the Cats next season or coach the Als within 2 seasons.

Says Who? where did you see this info?

This should be a good game alright!

It will be a slobberknocker. Go Als!

Oski Wee Wee,

Bomber doors open!

i think the bombers will destroy them. they have been playing great this season

regardless of whether the Bombers or Als will win (and I hiope it's the Bombers to keep the division that much tighter) can someone please address the the purpose of this thread and explain where Chris Jones's name has been lsited as a finalist for the Cats next season?

Halftime -- Als 16 Bombers 15...what a war!

I can't believe the replay call in the end zone -- I believe Watkins had the TD!

Great call by Matthews and co. on the special teams to run the onside coverage play to recover the Duval punt. Note to the Tiger-Cats: watch and learn. I am sure Ron will make sure there are no special teams slip-ups like the blocked punt a couple of games* ago...it would be nice if we could run a similar play someday LOL.

Oski Wee Wee,

its capital td

The quarterbacks are absorbing heavy punishment by two very tough defences tonight. Seeing that the Ticats play Montreal and then Winnipeg in a home and home series over the next three games, I hope that both Jason Maas and Kevin Eakin will be ready for the challenge.

those yankee OT's may come in handy after all.

More after the game -- Als just expanded their lead...

OMG! That TD catch by Robert Edwards would even impress Tony Champion!

Montreal Winning Big But it’s been a War…

Should be Fun Next Week in Montreal

Has Don Matthews ever lost a challenge since instant replay began this year?

The commentators were flabergasted at the calls that went his way. We saw it with the Corey Holmes punt return / fumble.

I think the refs are afraid of The Don.

Yeah, tonight.

The Watkins play at the end of the first half should have been a TD, and they called it no catch.
He was right and they still called it against them.

The refs are incompetant at this replay thing right across the board.

Big win by the Als...but I have to say: that was the WORST officiated game I have seen in years, perhaps ever! The instant replay calls were brutal (with the exception of the inadvertent kick of the ball out of bounds off the Bomber fumble by Butler).

Great catch by Robert Edwards for the TD that really sealed the deal!

The Bombers got beat up and were out-adjusted in the second half. Be alert Ticats!

Oski Wee Wee,