Tiger Cat Fan Sentenced... Argo Fan Spared.

(true story)

Yesterday I discovered a lost cell phone on the ground at the Ex in Toronto. Not ever having used a cell phone in my life, it took me about 30 minutes and about 100 pushes of buttons to connect with a number logged into the memory. Lo and behold I was talking to the mother of the young lady who lost it. After explaining that I wasn't interested in leaving it with an undependable lost property dept at the Ex, a simple way to return it to the owner was worked out. Girl was thrilled, mother was ecstatic.

This evening outside the stadium I found a pair of season tickets in sec 27 to the Tiger Cats Labour Day game laying on the ground. It appeared somebody had just inadvertently dropped them. For a moment, I was excited for what seemed good fortune. But, for a moment only though! After giving thought to the excruciating pain I might have to endure if I was to sit through another Cat game this year, a better idea struck me.

I promptly visited the ticket booth, handed in the tickets and told the big guy there to be sure to get these tickets back to their rightful owner. He assured me, the club would do that. Now the ticket holder and guest face being punished on Labour Day.

Moral of the story---You can't make everybody happy.

Way to go dropkickpro. :thup: You're honesty and wisdom are to be commended. Unfortunately nowadays turning lost valuables into security is often the wrong thing to do.

However as far as the season tickets go, I doubt very much that they had been dropped inadvertantly. I think many are fed up with the Ticats 10 points in 3 home games.

I'm an Argo fan but am sickened by what Ticat fans are having to go through.