Tiger-Cat Fan Has a Lulu Of An Idea.

A winning football team.


slow day on the farm Zontar?

Published by Lulu as fiction? History, maybe?

Prophecy, hopefully.

Remember when "sources" told Rick Zamperin in late Oct. that a coaching announcement was "imminent"..... Good times.

Its like the football version of the Iraq Study Group. The decision is just too crucial for the future, thus the Decider will not be pressured into haste. Seems Taafe is not (or never was) the go-to guy though, if the best candidate is still being identified. Either that, or he's not even on the list.

Maybe Taaffe was the guy at one point.
That is until he got a whiff of what actually goes on around here.

Cheers...so to speak.


I miss having Zontar around here, but reading this thread brings up themes of premonition.

Time for a drink.