Tiger-Cat - Eskimo stat comparison




Points Scored / Game
21.5 (7th)
26.3 (4th)

Points Allowed / Game
30.3 (6th)
31.5 (8th)

Offence - Avg. Yds / Game
389.5 (3rd)

Defence - Yds Allowed / Game
414 (7th)
413 (6th)

Turnover Ratio
-9 (T-8th)
1 (5th)

Total Sacks
7 (5th)
5 (7th)

Total Sacks Allowed
7 (3rd)
5 (1st)

All pretty even except the turnover number. The 6 in Clagary is anamoly and should be correctable easily enough which in turn should improve results.

Notice Edmonton has allowed the fewest sacks in the league so far? Oh oh. Against our D-line...

Hopefully their short turnaround will get the best of them

Look at Edmonton's dack total. It's worse than ours, so maybe their D-line will be bad too.

Hopefully Printers will have time to find his mojo and work some majic.

CK, you really need to put more thought into your posts, this mindless dribble is tiresome (joking of course)....lol, great job

The good news for us seems to be as follows:

#1 jesse is back
#2 Cavka back making holes on the line
#3 Auggie is the opposition MLB
#4 Fred Perry out on Edm's Dline with a broken leg
#5 Edmonton hasn't won in hamilton since 2003?

AND the beer will be cold!!