Tiger-Cat and Tim's promo video??

Hey fans did you see the Tiger-Cats promo video promoting the new Tim Horton's Field all the fans in the stadium look like a walk down Bay Street in Toronto at lunch time, I don't think I've ever seen Tiger-Cat fans so well dressed or behaved for a game, unless they plan on placing a dress code on the new stadium? No T shirts and No kilts for the Box J boys and hard hats??

Great marketing though, I like the name kind of like Heinz Field in Pittsburgh home of the Steelers? Now if we can get a winner on the field we can have both ends covered!!!

Things are going to be very amazing next year -- as shown in the third last image of the Tim Hortons Field -- Giguere will gain a lot of height, becoming about 21 feet tall, and will be making an outstanding stretched out one-handed catch while being tackled by McCollough who'll be back playing with the Ar_______ in 2014.


Great observations by both posters.

And EVERYONE smiling...that's to be looked forward to!

Timmies coffee makes me smile! :smiley: