Tiger Cat and CFL Memorabilia

I am going to clean out my basement throughout December and will have some Memorabilia that I would like to sell/trade. If you are interested, please let me know at wtudoroff@fuse.net.

For Sale/Trade:

1999 Grey Cup Official Football (not game used)
Archie Amerson College Game Worn Jersey (Northern Arizona)
Travis Moore Game Worn Calgary Stampeders Jersey (1998)

Items I am looking for:

Early 90's Earl Winfield nameplate from the back of his jersey. The team used to sell the nameplates when they were removed from the jerseys. If anyone has a white Winfield, please let me know

Any game worn CFL jerseys

Any Grey Cup footballs

Long live the CFL

What's that, one little corner of the basement or just the stuff sitting on the floor at the bottom of the stairs?

I'll take dibs on the ball if it's not already spoken for and when the day comes for a real Willthethrill basement cleaning let me know, I'll mortgage the house and prepare to buy some memorabillia.